Stranger Things saison 4

the Duffer brothers multiply the inconsistencies

Luckily, Winona Ryder is there to get them back on track. Back to the inconsistencies of the most popular series on Netflix.

Stranger Things is not a historical work, but almost. A real dive into the heart of the 80s, the Duffer brothers’ series is a patchwork of inspirations and genres that pays homage to the classics of the 7th art as well as to iconic musical titles. Moreover, several titles have had a second life thanks to the series, starting with Running Up That Hill which tops the charts on all platforms.

But before choosing the titles that will punctuate their story, the Duffer brothers must make sure to maintain a certain coherence. Obviously, they are not very rigorous. During an interview for Harper’s Bazaar, David Harbor explains that Winona Ryder has often played the fool’s guard. It must be said that as a true icon of the 80s, the actress of beetle juice knows a ray of it.

She would have advised the Duffer brothers about several songs that were to be in the final cut, but which were discarded because they had not been released when the plot unfolds. Nothing too serious, except that these are not the only errors to have slipped into the series.

“She told them that this song came out in 1985, and they wanted to put it in the 83s. She knew all those little details that they hadn’t even seen. They had to modify the script based on that…”

Not the first time

With no less than forty episodes and four seasons, Stranger Things begins to become a behemoth of storytelling that spans multiple years and multiple locations. Inevitably, some omissions and inconsistencies have crept into the narration. In this new burst of episodes, the writers for example forgot the birthday of a very important character. Indeed, when Mike arrives in California to see his girlfriend, we are on March 22.

If you have followed season 2 of Stranger Things, you know that’s when Will was born. These friends and his family have thus forgotten this date, but not only. The creators have thus apologized for this small inconsistency, which will require a modification in the story.

They will indeed redouble the scene which indicates Will’s birthday to preserve consistency. They indicate to variety : “It is too sad ! And that makes no narrative sense. But we were talking about it yesterday, and I think we’re going to do a George Lucas.” Like the creator of the saga Star Wars, the two screenwriters reserve the right to modify certain episodes along the way. Faced with the popularity of the last season, it is the episode of season 2 which will be modified.

See you in a few days to find out if the last two episodes will also have some inconsistencies. In any case, we will be delighted to find the whole gang for a fight that promises to be epic.

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