Princess Caroline wipes her tears and those of the family bereaved by the loss of a firefighter who disappeared on duty

Princess Caroline wipes her tears and those of the family bereaved by the loss of a firefighter who disappeared on duty

Sovereign Prince Albert II is currently in Norway with his family and could not pay his last respects to Thierry Pérard, a Monegasque firefighter who died in the fire during an intervention. It was his sister, Princess Caroline of Hanover who attended the sergeant’s funeral, on behalf of the princely family. Princess Caroline was overcome with grief during the religious ceremony.

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The Principality pays a last tribute to the firefighter who died in the fire

It was first a public and national tribute on the Place du Campanin which was paid to Sergeant Thierry Pérard, 51, before the remains joined the cathedral. The death of the firefighter on June 19 shocked the Principality, as the death of a firefighter on duty is rather rare in Monaco. The princely family was touched by this disappearance and Prince Albert II would have liked to stand alongside the members of the family to convey his condolences to them.

Princess Caroline (far right of photo) wipes away tears at the firefighter’s funeral (Photo: Diocese of Monaco video screenshot)

Prince Albert II said “deeply regret not being personally present at the national tribute” which was returned to the firefighter on June 24. Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella are currently in Norway, where they pay tribute to the explorer work of Prince Albert 1st. The family’s trip to Norway was widely commented on in the press after the surprise kiss in public between Albert and Charlene.

Prince Albert II asked for the flags to be lowered throughout the Principality and he raised Sergeant Pérard to the rank of chief sergeant within the fire brigade. He also named the late Knight of the Order of St. Charles posthumously.

Princess Caroline consoles the family and wipes tears from a loved one’s face (Photo: Diocese of Monaco video screenshot)

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Princess Caroline of Hanover wipes the tears of the relatives of the deceased

The Princess of Hanover worthily represented the princely family at the funeral celebrated at the Cathedral of Monaco. The office was headed by Bishop Dominique-Marie David. Prince Albert II was also represented by his aide-de-camp, Colonel Luc Fringant.

Princess Caroline was very emotional during the ceremony (Photo: Diocese of Monaco video screenshot)

Princess Caroline wore sunglasses at the start of the ceremony. After several interventions from colleagues and relatives, Princess Caroline could not hold back her tears and she took off her glasses to wipe her eyes several times. After the religious service, Princess Caroline went to meet the bereaved family. The princess was very emotional and took the time to console the family. She wiped the crying faces of loved ones and hugged one of the bereaved for a long time.

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