Paris 2024 - Olympic Day at the Stade de France - Tony Estanguet: "We want to go where we are not expected"

Paris 2024 – Olympic Day at the Stade de France – Tony Estanguet: “We want to go where we are not expected”

Olympic Day, celebrated around the world on Thursday, had a festive extension on Sunday at the foot of the Stade de France. Twenty-five months before the start of the Paris Games, the CNOSF and the department of Seine-Saint-Denis organized a popular sports festival aimed at discovering 30 Olympic and Paralympic sports. Broadcast in common thread on Eurosport 1 throughout the day, it began under the eyes of the master of ceremonies, Tony Estanguet. The President of the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG) spoke at the microphone of Eurosport.

“These are important moments, we are in the rise towards the Paris 2024 Games. Since 2017, we have wanted to use a big highlight each year to celebrate the Games, it is Olympic day. It is normally June 23 but we chose June 26 because it’s a Sunday. We still have the same desire: to benefit the population with the athletes. We have a hundred athletes present in all disciplines. It’s an important moment , with concerts and good humor. It’s also useful because we want the French to do more sport”he confided to the microphone of Lesly Boitrelle.

Paris 2024

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One thing is certain: if the Covid has upset the past years, Tony Estanguet and the organizers of the Games will resume the annual rhythm of the Olympic days. “There will be 2023 and 2024, just a month before the Games. We will continue to ramp up and it’s great to come here to Seine Saint-Denis. We’ve stayed in the heart of Paris so far. The Seine- Saint-Denis is at the heart of the success of these Games, we are going to build 75% of the infrastructure there and the major legacy will be in this area. We want people to enjoy the Games.”

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Let people enjoy the Games. But let these Games be different. This is also the great ambition of the OCOG. Because Paris. Because France. Tony Estanguet sees things no differently: “We are not going to back down on ambition. We want the French to be proud. This country is crazy and capable of doing incredible things. We want to go where we are not expected. competitions at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, at the Grand Palais, at the Invalides, Place de la Concorde, at the Château de Versailles, a beautiful ceremony on the Seine to promote our iconic heritage. That’s really what is at stake, to make people dream and be This ceremony on the Seine is the opportunity to have ten times as many people who will benefit from this moment.

You can’t achieve anything without security

Organizing an Olympic day at the Stade de France, less than a month after the chaos of the last Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, is also, and symbolically, an opportunity to show that France knows how to organize events, when they are prepared upstream, coordinated. This is what Tony Estanguet made a point of recalling, Sunday morning on Eurosport. “Security is always the first criterion. You cannot achieve anything without security. All the decisions taken point in this direction. It is at the heart of our concerns and it was important to come here to the Stade de France despite what it happened.”

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“Again, this place is magical and located in the heart of Seine-Saint-Denis, he hammered. When things are anticipated, when we coordinate all the expertise well, here at the Stade de France or everywhere, we know how to do it. We succeeded each time when we were prepared well in advance of the big events. With Paris 2024, we have been working for two years on security issues. We can be calm. Everything will be alright.”

“There is a lot of desire and excitement. Our country has everything to make a success of very big games. These Games will be different from past editions. Hang in there, it’s going to send.”

Paris 2024

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Paris 2024

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