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One Piece: Wano’s Finale

The release of the last chapter showed us that the arc of Wano will still accompany us somewhat and probably and that the end can be tragic. We are all familiar with Wano’s theory would be based on Kabuki theater divided into acts. According to the structure of the theater, it is divided into 5 acts:

1- Introducing characters/locations that begins in Chapter 909 and ends in Chapter 924 with Kid and Luffy’s defeat.
2- Acceleration of the pace of the story (ending in chapter 955) end of the pirate alliance preparation before the big battle.

Now we are in act 3, even after 98 chapters Oda hasn’t shown the ending, and in correlation to Kabuki theater tradition, ends in terrible tragedy, but what could that be be ? The tragedy has a name: Blackbeard.

His last appearance was in Chapter 956 after the Newspaper News. He said he was looking for something the Marines wanted before they got it.

Reasons for leaving

What could he have seen in the newspaper other than Sabo’s news? He may have seen the alliance of Big Mom and Kaido. It’s important because he was able to see both Yonko fall to the Supernovas. Now let’s see what the Marine/Government wants and why he’s going to Wano (or will happen in the next chapters).

Many theorized that Blackbeard would go to Alabasta to recover Pluto after the Nefertari incident, but with the latest chapter 1053 we find out that Pluto is hiding somewhere in Wano.

She is the only one who knows how to read and especially how to understand the history of the poneglyph. We saw in chapter 1029 that the world government is behind her again.

We know that Blackbeard is not the type to run after danger (like Luffy for example), he prefers to take advantage of situations. The current situation in Wano is perfect for him because in addition to the weakened alliance after the fight, he can obtain 3 Road Poneglyphs (both of Luffy + hidden in Wano). Getting even closer to the title of pirate King.

  • Luffy and his Devil Fruit

Another famous theory is that Blackbeard will consume three fruits (his jolyroger, his foreign body etc). He already has the “Strongest Logia” (Yami Yami no Mi) and the Strongest Paramecia (Gura Gura no Mi).

fruit thefts

Before Kaido’s supposed death, we hoped he could get his fruit, but now we believe that Nika’s fruit is the strongest Zoan. Obviously he won’t be able to steal Luffy’s fruit, but the land is filled with strong Zoan users like Marco. Additionally, he might manage to steal fruit for his crew.

Ryokugyu One Piece Power

The great tragedy would therefore be the arrival of Ryokugyu and Blackbeard’s crew, forcing Luffy and his crew to flee. Of course, you may wonder, “how will their crew come up with the isolated territory?”, “how will the arc end in tragedy if Lady Toki made the dawn prophecy who finally arrived?“.

The prophecy

First, how will Blackbeard get there? If you remember, Blackbeard has Sanjuan Wolf who is 180m and could easily put them in Wano country.

Second: Toki’s prophecy.

This might be a point against this theory, but: Wano country has not yet been opened. If you remember Oden, during his trip, he wrote in his diary that “The borders of Wano country must be opened for the arrival of Joyboy“, that is, someone from the interior of the country must open the country so that he can enter. What we were shown was that Luffy entered while the country was closed and helped open it up from within, which doesn’t match the “prophecy”.

Moreover, how will this opening of the country take place? Because it is on a mountain as a natural barrier, far above sea level.

Zunesha One Piece

The answer is that Zunesha went to Wano for a purpose, not just to say the joy boy came back and leave. Momonosuke said in Chapter 1050 that the country would still not be open.

This would explain the importance of Momonosuke described in the diary because he would be “the ancestral weapon” thus joining the theory of the cavalry driver and the chariot; he would be the driver of Zunesha, the cavalry, and the chariot the hidden ship in Wano. (which would be appropriate since Shirahoshi is also a princess who controls powerful animals).

This would also explain the “punishment” of the elephant condemned to carry Zou on his back until dawn in the country where he would “sacrifice” to open up the country and reunite Zou again with Wano which would be part of the old kingdom.

Darkness and Joy Boy

In short: the dawn has not arrived yet, on the contrary, the “darkness” will come with Blackbeard. As Aramaki said the world “out there” is chaos, probably Oda will focus on how the world will change in the next chapters and then the arrival of Blackbeard.

Even with all the development of the last chapter, the true dawn will only come when Joy Boy will defeat Imu sama and bring light for the whole worldfulfilling both Wano’s prophecy and the destruction of the Sirens’ island and the promise to take them to the surface.

Luffy will leave the land of Wano and when he returns, after the dawn of the world / the reversal of the world, he will return to the open country this time. The question now: “So you are telling us that Luffy after defeating Kaido fought Blackbeard?” and the answer is:… no. We will explain to you.

Luffy vs Blackbeard

Reminiscent of Kabuki theater, the third act ends in tragedy : the arrival of Blackbeard and the escape of the Straw Hats. And the fourth act bears witness to a great battle and she won’t be between Luffy Vs BlackbeardD. It will be between Shanks and Blackbeard.

Shanks and Blackbeard

Shanks’ last appearance was in Chapter 907 where he talks to the Gorosei with a “certain pirate”. Could this pirate be the Buggy and would he have gone to warn the Gorosei that he is the son of Rocks and that with his influence, he has become a Yonko? No, sorry to get carried away, it’s just still hard to believe that Buggy is a new Yonko. We have two possibilities: Luffy or Blackbeard.

It’s possible that it was Luffy, because soon after, the Gorosei started knowing that Luffy’s fruit was “Nika”, chasing him and trying to hide his origin (which would explain why they didn’t chase him before).

But he could also have left to warn against Blackbeard. As we know it, Shanks is a diplomat who seems to be trying to maintain “the balance of the world”, as we have seen in Marineford, where he stopped the war, warned Whitebeard not to go after Teach, arrested Kaido, etc. There is also a theory that each member of Roger’s crew is at strategic points around the world to guide the next Pirate King : Crocus on Reverse Mountain, Rayleigh on Sabaody, and Shanks may be trying to keep the world balanced until Luffy becomes the Pirate King, but why?

Roger and Shanks

As we know, Roger said something to Shanks that brought him to tears. He may have said he couldn’t become the next king because he wasn’t born yet. Roger would then have asked his crew and, mainly, Shanks, to guide the way to the next King because it would decide the future of the world (with the arrival of Joyboy).

In this with the Shanks, apparently, knowing Blackbeard’s plans, he would attempt to stop him in Wano, so he wouldn’t get stronger. It’s premeditated since Marineford where Teach said it wasn’t time to face him yet.

Shanks would then have the confrontation with Teach and the encounter with Luffy asking him to go to Elbaf, his territory and where the last Road Poneglyph is. Even though the alliance is extremely strong, it’s still not time for Luffy to face Blackbeard.

Comparison of volumes

We believed that there is a good chance that this confrontation will occur, because in the new book: “Road to Laugh Tale” which will be released during this hiatus precisely shows these two characters in a framework of “confrontation”. This is only an addition to the theory, but if you take the two volumes of Marineford: 57 and 58, you will see something interesting.

One Piece Volume 58 and 59

The cover of Volume 57 shows the Whitebeard Pirates and Volume 58 shows the Navy. The cover of the “first” volume of the war shows which side loses first, then the winners of the war.

Untitled 6

If you take the covers of Onigashima War: 99,100,101 first shows the supposed losing side with Big Mom, the alliance side, but then it shows the enemy side again.

This would represent the 3 acts of the arc so far:

Act 1 : Enemies victory with the defeat of Luffy and Kid (chapter 924).

Act 2 : Alliance victory with defeat of Big Mom and Kaidou (Act 2 ends in chapter 955 before the battle begins, but that would represent the end of the fight).

Act 3 : Arrival of Blackbeard and Ryokugyu with a tragedy and a new victory of the enemies.

This will be the end of Wano.

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