is a season 4 planned on Netflix?

is a season 4 planned on Netflix?

UMBRELLA ACADEMY. Will the Netflix series Umbrella Academy be entitled to a season 4? Date, plot… The latest announcements.

[Mis à jour le 24 juin 2022 à 15h42] Umbrella Academy is the program currently binge-watched by subscribers on Netflix. Season 3 was released on June 22 and offered many twists and turns for this dysfunctional family of superheroes, who must once again prevent the apocalypse. For the time being, the series has not yet been renewed for a season 4 … However, this does not mean that Umbrella Academy will not be entitled to a sequel, but simply that Netflix has not made any announcement going in this direction.

Creator Steve Blackman told ScreenRant that he “already knows what Season 4 will be about.” However, it will be necessary to wait a little bit before it is started: “We cross our fingers, we hope that Netflix will order the sequel, but we will have to wait and advise, like everyone else”. But, knowing the popular success of the series, it seems unlikely that Netflix will decide not to renew Umbrella Academy. If the series is ever renewed, it seems unlikely to discover a new burst of episodes before 2024.

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Umbrella Academy is an American superhero television series available to stream on Netflix. Created in 2019, it currently has two seasons, of which a third is in preparation. It is inspired by the comic strip of the same name by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. The cast includes Elliot Page, Tom Hooper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher and Justin H. Min.

According to figures reported by Netflix, Umbrella Academy is one of the most popular series on the streaming platform: the first season was seen by nearly 45 million viewers in its first month of availability. Season 3 releases on Netflix on June 22, 2022.

Synopsis- In October 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth without having become pregnant with children with extraordinary faculties. Billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves decides to adopt seven of them, who will form the Umbrella Academy, a family of superheroes capable of saving the world. But as adults, the Hargreeves are a dysfunctional family with a lot of resentment. On the day their adoptive father dies, they discover that the apocalypse will occur in eight days and will destroy all of humanity.

Umbrella Academy is a series created in 2019 by Netflix. The first season has been online on the streaming platform, just like season 2, since July 31, 2020. To see the episodes, nothing could be simpler: just subscribe to Netflix and find the series in the catalog. A standard subscription to Netflix costs 11.90 euros per month for unlimited viewing of all films and series on the platform.

Several actors known to moviegoers and seriesgoers appear in Umbrella Academy. In the cast, we find in particular the actor Elliot Page in the role of Viktor (known as Vanya in the first two seasons), Aidan Gallagher in that of Five, Robert Sheehan in that of Klaus or Emmy Raver-Lampman in that of Allison. Find below the complete list of actors of Umbrella Academy:

  • Tom Hopper: Luther Hargreeves / Number 1
  • David Castañeda: Diego Hargreeves / Number 2
  • Emmy Raver-Lampman: Allison Hargreeves / Number 3
  • Robert Sheehan: Klaus Hargreeves / Number 4
  • Aidan Gallagher: Number 5 / Five
  • Justin H. Min: Ben Hargreeves / “Number 6
  • Elliot Page: Viktor Hargreeves / Number 7
  • Mary J. Blige: Cha-Cha
  • Cameron Britton: Hazel
  • Adam GodleyPogo
  • Colm FeoreSir Reginald Hargreeves
  • Jordan Claire Robbins: Grace Hargreeves / Mom
  • Kate Walsh: Director of the Commission
  • Ritu Arya as Lilac
  • Yusuf Gatewood: Raymond
  • Marin Ireland: Sissy
  • Justin CornwellMarcus
  • Britne Oldford: Fei
  • Jake EpsteinAlphonso
  • Genesis RodriguezSloane
  • Cazzie DavidJayme
  • TJ McGibbon: Viktor Hargreeves (child)
  • Cameron Brodeur as Luther Hargreeves (child)
  • Blake Talabis: Diego Hargreeves (child)
  • Eden Cupid: Allison Hargreaves (child)
  • Dante Albidone as Klaus Hargreeves (child)
  • Ethan Hwang as Ben Hargreeves (child)

Season 1 : The Hargreeves family reunites after the death of their father. Disappeared for seventeen years without a trace, one of them, Five reappears without warning: he was projected into the future, where humanity was destroyed by the apocalypse. The Umbrella Academy must put aside their grievances and resentments, since they have only eight days to prevent this catastrophe.

  • Episode 1: We only see each other at weddings and funerals
  • Episode 2: Run!
  • Episode 3: Extraordinary
  • Episode 4: The Man on the Moon
  • Episode 5: Number Five
  • Episode 6: The day we’ve been waiting for
  • Episode 7: The day we regret
  • Episode 8: I Heard a Rumor
  • Episode 9: Changes
  • Episode 10: The White Violin

Season 2 : The Umbrella Academy finds itself screened in Dallas in 1963, but are all separated. They meet shortly before the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. After this date, a new apocalypse threatens humanity. Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben and Vanya will once again try to stop him.

  • Episode 1: Back to square one
  • Episode 2: The Frankels
  • Episode 3: The Swedes
  • Episode 4: The Magnificent Twelve
  • Episode 5: Valhalla
  • Episode 6: A Light Dinner
  • Episode 7: Oga for Oga
  • Episode 8: The Seven Phases
  • Episode 9: 743
  • Episode 10: The End of Something

Season 3 : The Hargreeves are back on April 2, 2019, the day after the Apocalypse. But they discover that their world has changed a lot: their father, Reginald Hargreeves, is alive, just like Ben. But he has changed a lot… The Umbrella Academy never existed, since their father created the Sparrow Academy. Once again, our heroes have completely altered space-time.

Elliot Page came out as transgender on December 2, 2020. This announcement comes ahead of the release of Season 3 of the Netflix series. At first, the creators of the series support the actor but announce that this will not have an impact on the character he plays in Umbrella Academy. But they end up changing their minds, deciding that their character should be a trans man who is now called Viktor. “The scripts were already wrapped up, and production was going to start within two weeks. We had to figure out how to incorporate the story of his transition into the plot of this choral series, explained screenwriter Thomas Page McBee with Esquire. His trans identity had to exist as a texture of the character, but not as a defining trait.” The writers thus worked in concert with Elliot Page to offer the character and the public a plot as intimate as it was right for this fundamental member of the Hargreeves family: “It was an opportunity to show a transition that is so organic, so fundamental for that character, that it exists alongside the existing character story arcs, without eclipsing them.”

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