Les internautes gênés par la présence de Laury Thilleman dans la Chanson Secrète de Laure Manaudou et Jérémy Frérot

Internet users embarrassed by the presence of Laury Thilleman in the Chanson Secrète by Laure Manaudou and Jérémy Frérot

On June 24, 2022, more than 2.6 million viewers gathered in front of their screens to see the new number of “The Secret Song”. Broadcast on the first channel since 2018 and orchestrated by the incomparable Nikos Aliagas, the show’s principle is to invite personalities in order to surprise them in song, with the complicity of their loved ones.

Thus, for this new issue, celebrities such as Florent Peyre, Christophe Beaugrand, Eric Antoine or even the multiple winner of “Dancing with the Stars”, Denitsa Ikonomova, followed one another on the armchair of the program to discover the surprises reserved by their relatives. And as you might expect, the emotion was beautiful and very present on the spot.

Always among the guests, there was also Laure Manaudou and her companion, the singer Jérémy Frérot. In a relationship for a few years now, the lovebirds received a visit from two good old friends. These include the former couple formed by Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez. A sequence that made a lot of talk on Twitter. Find out why.

A lot of emotions

Very discreet, the couple very rarely shows up side by side in the media. However, on June 24, 2022, the production of “The Secret Song” achieved the unthinkable by bringing them together on television. A first as Nikos Aliagas pointed out.

It was therefore Florent Manaudou who opened the ball of surprises. Unfortunately absent during the filming of the program, the little brother of the ex-swimmer had nevertheless left a video message. Then, in turn, their loved ones preceded each other to perform two of the titles they particularly appreciate.

These include the songs “Summer 90” by Thérapy taxi and “Home again”. Note that the latter is the first song that the former candidate of “The voice” sang for his sweetheart, and this, all naked, as the latter specified. Visibly very moved by the surprise lots, Laure Manaudou could not hold back her tears. Facing Nikos, she said:

“I had a lot of emotion. Before the show, we said to ourselves that we would like there to be Home Again and Thérapie Taxi. It’s jackpot! (…) A lot, a lot of emotion because it brought me back to the very beginning of our relationship ”

An extremely awkward moment

Besides Kimberose, Tibz and Jeremy’s brother. Other relatives also wanted to surprise the couple. This is particularly the case of Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez. It must be said that the arrival of the latter on the set surprised more than one. And for good reason, recently, they surprised many people by announcing their separation.

Remember, on May 17, 2022, it was on her Instagram account that the former Miss France shared the bad news. On her post, she wrote:

“After 7 years of intense happiness and a mile-per-hour life, Juan and I decided together to continue our journeys separately. The tenderness, kindness, gratitude and mutual respect that we share remains and will remain intact, which is why we ask you to please respect our silence after this announcement. »

To explain their presence together in “The Secret Song”, it should be noted that the number was shot in January, 4 months before they decided to end their relationship. Now, what has created the most discomfort on Twitter is that a rumor of an affair between Laury Thilleman and Jérémy Frérot went well on the Web after the pretty brunette announced the end of her idyll with the cook of Colombian descent.

“Embarrassing, even very embarrassing this sequence”, wrote a tweetos in particular.

Source: TF1

Note that for the moment, none of the main concerned has reacted to this crazy rumor. In addition, if the couple of Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez is now combined in the past, that of Laure Manaudou and the interpreter of “You give” is still relevant.

Back to their meeting

For 7 years now, Jérémy Frérot and Laure Manaudou have been spinning the perfect love. Between the two, it was obvious. However, nothing predestined them to live a romance. And for good reason, when they met for the first time, the former Olympic swimming champion had a romance with a surfer.

For information, accompanied by her brother, she had come to attend a concert by Fréro Delavega, the former group of the man who was to become her future husband. After the show, she went to see the two musicians in their dressing room and there… Cupid did his job. A few years later, in 2018, they tied the knot in the Landes. In love with each other, they are now the happy parents of two children.

For information, the eldest, Lou, was born a year before his parents’ wedding, on July 18, 2017. As for the youngest, whose name has not yet been revealed, he was born on January 9 2021. Together, they form a beautiful blended family, since the pool pro is already the mother of a girl named Manon, born of her romance with swimmer Frédérick Bousquet.

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