how Bigflo and Oli experienced their break

how Bigflo and Oli experienced their break

Back on Friday with a new album, The others are us, the two Toulouse rappers told BFMTV what prompted them to take a break of almost two years, and how they experienced it.

Too much pressure, too many TVs, too much of everything. Bigflo and Oli had to take a two-year break to perk up, rediscover their creativity and take stock of their relationship. And write The others are ustheir fourth studio album, released on Friday.

“It was only good, this break. It was good artistically, it was good humanly,” Bigflo told BFMTV.

“Even in our relationship as brothers, it’s true that after a while, when you work with your brother all the time, when there’s a lot of excitement around, you can hurt yourself without s ‘to realize it,’ he notes again.

But if they made this decision together, the brothers did not experience this break in the same way. “For me it was harder,” slips Oli. “As seen in the Netflix docu [au titre prémonitoire de Presque trop] it was Flo’s wish. Flo had lived through all of this less well, and was a little more sensitive, more tired.”

“Less pressure”

The youngest of the duo, who thought he was having a hard time with this interruption, finally appreciated it. “There was less pressure, fewer meetings, more artistic freedom. We became authors again. I wrote a lot, even things without rhyme, at home, which I put down on paper. did good.”

For Biflo, this was a more vital question. The two rappers launched into a frenetic activity, out of passion for their profession, almost got lost in it.

“It fixed me, breathes Bigflo. It helped me a lot to take this break. I am a little more anxious by nature, more physically fragile”.

A feeling that he put to music in the title good students, sung with MC Solaar. “I think about concerts, I think about radios / On TV, of course / I give my flesh, my ideals / And I feel a void in me”.

“The break made us realize a lot of things”

“The break made us realize a lot of things, adds Oli. Luck, we were in the middle of the Covid period, we realized how lucky [qu’on a] to be able to live from his passion, to do concerts.”

They also took the opportunity to “dissect” their careers, think about their image. “We grew up, we are no longer the same Bigflo and Oli.

“We are no longer these two little guys with 20 broomsticks, who wanted to kill everything, who had this rage to win. Today, we have accepted that we are no longer these little young people. We are well established, we doesn’t really have to fight as much as before. We decided instead to focus on those who like Bigflo and Oli, rather than trying to convince those who don’t like them at all costs.”

The two “ex-little guys” also assume more, on this album, who they are and their influences.

“We consider ourselves Bigflo and Oli, and that suits us now. That’s the big difference on this album,” says Biglo. “The influence of the French variety, we assume it 100%, the Latin influence, the influence of the padre, we put it even more forward. We assume our vulnerability, our fragility”, completes Oli.

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