Florent Pagny condamné, victime du cancer, le chanteur déstabilisé s’exprime avec émotion pour ses fans

Florent Pagny condemned, victim of cancer, the destabilized singer speaks with emotion for his fans

The public announcement of his cancer

Florent Pagny announced, on January 25, on social networks, to be suffering from cancer. Fans are all in shock! Thanks to chemotherapy, her lung tumor has shrunk significantly in size, going from the size of a tennis ball to the size of a hazelnut. After these numerous sessions of chemotherapy, despite the fact that they are advantageous, he says that his lung cancer is inoperable due to its location. However, he won’t let it go! At 60, Florent Pagny intends to win the battle against this terrible disease. His entourage plays a huge role in the support he receives every day.

Whether Amel Bent, Pascal Obispo or Nikos Aliagas, many celebrities wanted to thank Florent Pagny for everything he does. The latter also decided to continue his journey as a jury in the cult show The Voice. He even managed to win this season of the show with his rookie Nour. We can say that despite the negatives he has endured lately, there is still a glimmer of hope that he will be better.

Florent Pagny moved by the support

Florent Pagny certainly did not expect the wave of positive messages and support he has received since his announcement. The love he receives daily gives him strength and one more reason to fight. Last May, he pointed out that the lack of control he had over this situation was difficult for him. “It surprised me, surprised and even destabilized me who always likes to control situations”, as he explains.

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For a usually discreet man, this wave of public support surprised the artist. Whether by long-term friends or people lost to sight, Florent Pagny did not expect to be so well surrounded. He told our colleagues that he had not changed his phone number for over 35 years. This means that old acquaintances have been able to reconnect and support the artist if necessary.

A glimmer of hope?

This wave of love has clearly destabilized him, but Florent Pagny seems to be moving forward. Just before the finale of The Voice, the latter was optimistic about the battle against his cancer. He expresses himself on Instagram: “I can tell you that I am very well (…) The protocol has worked rather well”. This publication has received an incalculable number of returns, for the majority more than positive. These numerous interactions boost the morale of Florent Pagny who surely needs it right now.

This announcement reassured a large number of relatives and admirers of Florent Pagny. All the people who have supported him in recent months can rest and take a breather! Florent Pagny does indeed intend to get back to life! Besides, he doesn’t want to end his career just yet. Fortunately, he said, “As long as my voice is there, I’m here!” I won’t give up! “. This announcement is clearly one of the most positive!

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