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Évelyne Dhéliat: TF1’s Miss weather forecaster makes a radical decision

The past ofEvelyne Dheliat

Évelyne Dhéliat has been a French weather presenter since 1991 for the TF1 channel. In 2000, she was also appointed director of the same meteorological service. She married in 1966 with Philippe Maraninchi, who unfortunately died in April 2017. Since then, Évelyne Dhéliat has spoken of his death, saying that she was not looking to remarry. And that the 51 years of marriage that she lived alongside her husband, had largely sufficed for her entire life.

Meanwhile, Évelyne Dhéliat stayed on our screens, telling us everything we needed to know about the weather. His presence on TV makes a large number of viewers smile, a real emblematic figure of the weather on TF1. This Wednesday, June 22, 2022, she created a Twitter account! The many messages from her admirers aroused a wave of emotion for Évelyne Dhéliat. She decides to thank them…

Évelyne Dhéliat: complicated health

TF1 viewers, this Sunday, June 19, 2022, found themselves worried following the absence of the iconic weather presenter. Ange Noiret took the place of the latter by presenting the weather forecast. Unprecedented news! The following day, it was Louis Bodin’s turn to take his place. However, Évelyne Dhéliat is doing well. This despite the health problems she may have encountered in the past, which are not the least.

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It has now been 10 years since the widow of Philippe Maraninchi learned sad news. She had a disease: cancer. Despite this, Évelyne Dhéliat has long masked this disease. In 2019, the weather presenter talked about this topic. “At the time, I told myself that it was not worth talking about it and that it might go unnoticed”explained the emblematic figure of TF1.

She continued by saying: “I was operated on and I had heavy treatments. People started wondering why I wasn’t there. So I decided to say it. I came back, I had a wig. It was difficult for me to live through all of this”.

A huge thank you to his admirers

Évelyne Dhéliat, this Wednesday, June 22, 2022, created a Twitter account! His many fans quickly rushed to his Twitter account to subscribe. His first tweet reads: “Delighted to take my first steps on Twitter France, in these first days of summer. An account to inform you of Météo France forecasts, climate issuesbut also to discuss with you”. There have been hundreds of positive feedbacks from the creation of this account.

After all the positive messages following this news, the presenter decided to answer them simply. On Twitter, she posted the following message. “Well, it’s been 24 hours since I launched my Twitter account, you’re great, you’re incredible! You are already thousands of followers, so obviously I can’t thank you one after the other, but in any case the heart is there, thank you!

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