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Audrey feels unwell, Manon falls for Nordine (Summary of DNA episode 1219)

Tomorrow is ours” preview, in-depth summary and spoilers for Thursday, June 30, 2022 Episode 1219 of DNA. In your daily series, the police have a new suspect, Charlie commits Nathan to the straw hut and Sofia reads Manon like an open book.


The summary of Tomorrow belongs to us from Wednesday, June 29, 2022 is also online. Good reading.

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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Summary of episode 1219 of Thursday June 30, 2022

Nathan hired at the straw hut

Mona and Nathan have a drink at the Spoon. They have passed the baccalaureate exams and must wait a few days before getting the results. They are feverish. Mona is also somewhat anxious and is pessimistic about her chances of having him. Nathan encourages her to be positive and tells Mona that if he graduates, it will be thanks to her. Mona has indeed welcomed him to the roommate so that he can revise in good conditions. About this, Mona negotiated with Noor and Soraya, and he can stay until the end of the week. Nathan is delighted. He then explains to Mona that he is going to stay in Sète during the holidays and that he must find a summer job. Moreover, he has already contacted Charlie to recruit him to the straw hut, but without success.

Pushed by Mona, Nathan finally decides to provoke fate. He goes to the hut and he is determined to show Charlie that he can heat up the atmosphere. But Charlie asks him to cut his music and stop bothering his customers. Charlie leaves to go shopping. When she returns, she finds, surprised, that Nathan has disobeyed her. But this one set the mood. Customers dance on the beach and drink to Sylvain’s greatest satisfaction. Charlie makes the latter believe that it was her who had the idea of ​​hiring Nathan. Sylvain congratulates her and thinks that she is made for this job.

Charlie hires Nathan. After negotiating, he gets a fixed salary, 5% on drinks and a T-shirt with the hut’s logo.


Manon has a crush on Nordine

Aurore offers her help to Manon for her studies, but the young girl refuses. She prefers to revise with Nordine, or even alone, because she knows full well that her mother is not the most patient person in the world.

Manon borrows a top from her sister. Sofia reads Manon like an open book. She thinks her sister fell for Nordine. Manon assures him otherwise and explains to Sofia that he is just very nice. The young girl goes to the police station to seek Nordine’s help for her revisions, but he has too much work. Nordine finally arranges to meet him at the Spoon at lunchtime. Sofia meets them and Manon makes the introductions. Nordine slips away because he has to go back to the police station. Sofia finds him likable and tricks her sister into thinking she finds him somewhat common. Manon assures her otherwise and with shining eyes, she portrays Nordine as lively, sweet, caring and funny. Sofia is convinced that she was right and that Nordine does not leave her sister indifferent. A bit embarrassed, Manon smiles a little.

Audrey feels unwell

As a result of his attack, Alex suffers from neck pain. It was Robin who found him and rescued him, which incidentally awoke the pain of his capsulitis. Alex’s attacker was not at the mas by chance. Robin informs his brother that the funds and the money for the renovation of the pontoon have disappeared. Alex is appalled and wonders who can blame them so much.

Roxane contacted the journalist who wrote the incendiary article on the Mas des Bertrand-Delcourt. He received an anonymous email that included details of the explosion, and as he just wanted to create buzz, he did not check. Roxane cannot go back to the sender of this famous email. Martin asks the young woman and Damien to do a search on the phones that were limited to the farmhouse at the time of Alex’s attack. They crossed them with the file of the telephones which bounded the evening of the inauguration. One name stands out, that of Justin, the employee of the former owner of the Mas.

For his part, Karim is very stressed at the idea of ​​not recovering the use of his hand. Anna may tell him that it will be fine, in reality, she ignores him. She therefore turns to Bénédicte for answers to her questions. Bénédicte reassures her. She has already had several patients in post-microsurgery, and each time it went very well. But Bénédicte is honest and explains to him that it’s a difficult period that can last several months. But if Karim hangs on, he’ll regain the use of his hand, maybe even 100%. Anna is relieved. Robin’s arrival puts an end to their discussion. He has an appointment with Bénédicte. Robin is still troubled by Etienne’s companion.

At the Mas, Jordan receives a message from Jahia. Noa summons him to put down his phone, because he has work to do. But Jordan stands up to him. The tone rises quickly because Noa is still jealous. They argue. Exasperated, Judith intervenes. She can’t stand their childish arguments anymore and she would like Noa to stop with her insinuations because Jordan is there to work. Judith is upset, because the Mas already has enough problems.

At the police station, Justin is interviewed by Martin. He told the policeman that he was at home at the time of the Mas explosion, but his phone was limited to operation between 8:03 p.m. and 8:26 p.m. Justin justifies himself. He just wanted to take a look at the party and assures Martin that he didn’t stay. But Nordine brings Martin some cash found in Justin’s bathroom during the search of his home. Pushed against the wall, Justin admits to Martin having stolen this money from the Mas. He took advantage that the farm was deserted. He feels that Alex owed him this money. He had promised to keep him, but he wanted to sign his contract part-time, which he refused. Justin assures Martin that he did not sabotage the inauguration of the Mas. He then remembers having seen an individual watching the Mas the evening he stole the money, but he was too far away and did not see him clearly. Martin doesn’t believe him. On the other hand, what he knows is that Justin was at the Mas with every reason to be angry with Alex Bertrand. Martin then places Justin officially in custody.

At the Spoon, Bart does the accounts. He barely sold any oysters today because of the article. Audrey tasted some after the lunch service and told Bart that they were excellent. But the customers don’t want to know anything, explains Bart. He doesn’t even know what he has to do, and can’t afford to wait for things to settle down. He has ten baskets that are going to lose money. Bart offers one to Audrey after her service.

In the evening, and as they are about to sit down to eat, Leo asks Audrey if the oysters are still alive before being tasted. Audrey confirms it and explains to him while demonstrating to him that you have to put lemon or vinegar on them to put them to sleep. A few seconds after eating an oyster, Audrey feels unwell. She loses consciousness. Damien asks Jack to call for help.

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