Arthur Jugnot married: the actor said "yes" to Flavie Péan, former actress of Plus belle la vie

Arthur Jugnot married: the actor said “yes” to Flavie Péan, former actress of Plus belle la vie

Arthur Jugnot, the son of Gérard Jugnot, married his partner Flavie Péan, actress of Plus belle la vie, this Saturday June 25 in a charming little town in the south of Drôme.

They said yes “. Arthur Jugnotthe actor’s son Gerard Jugnotand his companion Flavie Peanactress of More beautiful lifegot married at Pont-de-Barret in the afternoon of Saturday June 25. A ceremony in a small committee, celebrated in the presence of the star of the Splendid. According to the details revealed by the Dauphiné Libéré, the couple entered an inflatable boat towed by a jeep ». An unusual arrival for newlyweds, who nevertheless wanted to remain discreet. Apart from the photos shared by the media, none of the lovebirds wanted to make the event public. As our colleagues from Purepeople point out, only actor Julien Personnazclose to the lovers, posted a photo of their exit from the town hall.

If the two actors have never publicly displayed their unionthe latter have replied on several occasions since 2014. And contrary to what their respective careers suggest, it is not on the small screen thatthey played together, but in the theater. Arthur Jugnot and Flavie Péan therefore shared the boards in Father or Son and Left when exiting the elevator. Together, they also wrote the play Saint-Exupéry – The Mystery of the Aviator, a family comedy played at the Théâtre du Splendid, which brings together a father and his son in the footsteps of the famous aviator. In More beautiful life on France 3, Flavie Péan was the interpreter of Victoire Lissajoux, a young medical student and Mathilde Vasquez, the latter’s mysterious double.

Arthur Jugnot was in a relationship with Cécilia Cara

Before marrying Flavie Péan, Arthur Jugnot had several stories. The 41-year-old comedian first shared the life of Salomé Lelouch, the daughter of Claude Lelouch, in the 2000s. In 2006, the director got into a relationship with Cecilia Caraknown for her role as Juliet in the musical Romeo and Juliet, from hate to love. From this relationship will be born a son, Célestin, in 2013. The same year, the young parents settle. Refusing to spread his private life in the press, Arthur Jugnot will announce that he has been separated for five years from the mother of his son in 2020. The singer and the actor would nevertheless have remained on good terms.

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Arthur Jugnot and Flavie Pean
Arthur Jugnot and Flavie Péan did not want to publicize the event, only a snapshot shared by actor Julien Personnaz on Instagram was published.

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3/12 –

Arthur Jugnot and Flavie Pean
Arthur Jugnot and Flavie Péan had not formalized their couple, but they had appeared together on several occasions, such as at the award ceremony of the 39th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, in Paris on February 4, 2018.


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Arthur Jugnot and Gerard Jugnot
Arthur Jugnot is the son of Gérard Jugnot. The French actor was present alongside his son during the ceremony.


5/12 –

Arthur Jugnot
Arthur Jugnot played in several plays with Flavie Péan, here “Moi Papa?”, at the Théâtre du Splendid in Paris, on January 17, 2018.


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Arthur Jugnot
Arthur Jugnot is 41 years old.


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Arthur Jugnot
Arthur Jugnot is also a director.


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Arthur Jugnot and Salome Lelouch
Arthur Jugnot had several relationships before his marriage. In the 2000s, he was in a relationship with Salomé Lelouch, the daughter of the famous French director.


9/12 –

Cecilia Cara and Arthur Jugnot
Cécilia Cara and Arthur Jugnot announced their separation in 2020 after having lived a beautiful story that began in 2006. They had a son, Célestin, in 2013.


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Arthur Jugnot
Arthur Jugnot has appeared in many French cinema films, including Les Bronzés 3 alongside his father.

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Arthur Jugnot
In 2017, Arthur Jugnot starred in his father’s film, “It’s beautiful life when you think about it”.

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Arthur Jugnot
Arthur Jugnot received a Molière in 2009 for his role in the play “Chat en poche”.

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