Zaz's surprise in The Secret Song shocks internet users

Zaz’s surprise in The Secret Song shocks internet users

Zaz was “excited” before discovering his surprise this Friday, June 24, arriving on the set of The secret song on TF1. While “imagined things”the singer was in a hurry to find out what awaited her. “Am I going to cry?”, she wondered before the show began. The answer is no. The artist seemed moved, touched, at most, but she kept her legendary smile. The tears obviously did not flow. After long seconds of waiting, the surprise finally started with the appearance of the famous celebrity agent Dominique Besneharda big fan of Zaz, who read a text by the essayist Pierre Rabhi, who died in December 2021. This famous activist, figure of agroecology, was 83 years old. A child then came to kick off the the song Tenderness in front of Zaz. A sequence to be found in replay on MyTF1.

A little surprise “Full of love”

The singer knew by heart the piece made popular thanks to Bourvil and Marie Laforêt. A song that the members of the group Tryo, friends, came to sing to him. The choir of the Petits Chanteurs d’Asnières then joined them, with a large orchestra. “It’s full of love. It’s always good to take”, replied Zaz to Nikos Aliagas when he asked her how she felt after the surprise. The singer of Tryo, with tears in his eyes, seemed almost more moved than the artist he came to surprise. “We don’t know each other well”for his part, recognized Dominique Besnehard who compared her to Janis Joplin. “You liked it ?”Nikos Aliagas asked Zaz. “Yes, again. I want more”, she replied. However, the surprise did not please all the 2.6 million viewers who followed the show this Friday, June 24. Many of them remained unsatisfied.

“Zaz’s surprise is a bit lame”

Some Internet users deplore unequal treatment according to the guests. “30 friends and family members for Christopher Beaugrandan agent and a group of singers for Zaz”observes one of them. Beaugrand has all her friends and Zaz has a guy she doesn’t know, a group and children ??? WTF”abounds another. “Zaz’s surprise is a bit lame”writes a user all in rhyme. “Why bring someone if you don’t have anyone for her?”, asks a Twitter user. Before concluding “Poor Zaz”. “So Zaz has two guests including a gentleman who doesn’t know her but who adores her…”, “Zaz has no friends or family or darling? They only invited strangers for her, poor thing”, can we also read on Twitter. Some even describe the surprise as “nothing” Where “a little rotten”. “I am dead, Zaz’s surprise was the worst fail. She has three friends she doesn’t give a damn about and a guy who’s a fan of hers, but whom she doesn’t know.” summed up an uncompromising internet user.

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