VIDEO.  Football: "Marseille, it's not possible!"  Florian Thauvin thought he was off the air, OM supporters mad with rage

VIDEO. Football: “Marseille, it’s not possible!” Florian Thauvin thought he was off the air, OM supporters mad with rage

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The former Marseille player made comments that greatly displeased Marseille supporters during an interview with RMC radio. A conversation that should not be disclosed…

“My son, he is two years old, it is not possible for him to go to school in Marseille like that.” And even me and my wife couldn’t take it anymore!”

These comments were made by footballer Florian Thauvin, Friday, June 24, during the RMC radio program “Rothen ignites”, presented by ex-player Jérôme Rothen.

Florian Thauvin, current player of Tigres de Monterrey in the Mexican first division (alongside former TFC André-PIerre Gignac) was notably invited to talk about his years spent at OM, between 2016 and 2021.

Problem: part of his memories were broadcast on the air, by mistake. At the end of the interview, Florian Thauvin thought he was off the air, he was not. He began to exchange, without filter, with Jérôme Rothen and other journalists around the table.

“In Marseille, among the dingoes?”

“It’s true that when I got the extension offer from OM, they made a crazy effort, they gave me a crazy contract, Longoria and Sampaoli, they did everything.”

At this point in the “off” conversation, Florian Thauvin is revived by a radio journalist: “In truth, you did not imagine yourself raising your son in Marseille among dingoes?” Thauvin’s response: “I said to myself: “My son, he’s two years old, it’s not possible for him to go to school in Marseilles like that.” And even me and my wife, we don’t care. could no longer.”

It makes me want to puke. ?

— ???????? ??????? (@Vincent_1393) June 24, 2022

Statements that angered Marseille supporters, and defender of their city.

@RothenJerome But who are you to judge us crazy @marseille !?

— Lean (@IziMoney4) June 24, 2022

Come on, go score 4 goals per season in your crazy championship and stop talking about Marseille. OM gave you a career! And the other one that talks about Dingos…?

— Jerem JP (@JeremyKmusic) June 24, 2022

Thauvin had no mind. He proves it once again he is a fragile man who has ruined his career in Mexico… The passage to his son’s school is bullshit anyway with his money whatever the school his son will have no problem

—GentleMad (@GentleMad) June 24, 2022

What seems to have annoyed these Internet users the most is the sentence of the journalist around Florian Thauvin and Jérôme Rothen who uses the word “dingos”. The latter has also made his mea culpa on Twitter.

On the remarks at the end of Thauvin’s itv. It was of course not intended for broadcast. Now that this is the case, I regret the word “dingos” to qualify the Marseillais. A familiarity to designate the particular context that we have to manage when we play at OM.

— Jean-Louis Tourre (@jltourre) June 24, 2022

Florian Thauvin, for his part, wanted to react in a video, saying he was “disappointed” and “disgusted” at the broadcast of this “private conversation”, which he describes as “betrayal”.

— Florian Thauvin (@FlorianThauvin) June 25, 2022

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