MotoGP Assen J2 Johann Zarco (Ducati / 7): Even with a soft tire, the podium will be difficult in the dry

MotoGP Assen J2 Johann Zarco (Ducati / 7): Even with a soft tire, the podium will be difficult in the dry

From eighth on Friday evening after two sessions with very different conditions, Johann Zarco rose to seventh on Saturday at the end of qualifying for the Dutch Grand Prix on the TT circuit Assen.

This suggests to him that unlike Barcelona and Sachsenring, it will be difficult for him to get on the podium tomorrow, especially if the race is held in the dry.

Johann Zarco : “A good day in the dry! It was good to continue to take bearings and I knew that here, in the dry, it would be much more intense and technical, with difficulties that disturb me on this circuit, to place the bike at more than 300 km / h . There are really precise points to have and each time, I lack precision and that disturbs me a lot. I think there is a lot of the effect of the circuit and I don’t have everything corresponding to that. If I focus too much on looking for the perfect setting, I think I’m losing my bearings.
If I knew how to do this, I wouldn’t have this problem. The motorcycle moves a lot and as soon as the motorcycle moves, I lose my means. We couldn’t make a motorcycle that doesn’t move.
But I remain competitive and, this morning, it was not bad at all in the end. Falling, I still entered Q2 and that allowed me not to get too excited after the fall. Before the crash, there was the potential for a good time. I started really well but the tire wasn’t warm enough at the front. There are few left turns and it is sensitive. In the afternoon, we didn’t know how to take a step forward, we even took a few steps back. We had to go back to what allowed us to be good this morning for qualifying, we weren’t able to use the FP4 as we had to. We will see tomorrow. Whatever the conditions, we have a properly balanced bike but the option of the podium is difficult for me here. »

The Pramac pilot specifies: “Here, in the dry, the track is technical, and I have a few weak points that I’m trying to work on, but it’s still not completely matched. So even when trying to tune the bike very well, it doesn’t come and sometimes you go back. But even then, there’s no stress at all and we’ll see tomorrow: if the conditions change a bit for the race, it could be a help for me to fight for the podium. Otherwise, we will do the best I can because currently the rhythm for the podium is not there”.

On the same bike as the French rider, Francesco Bagnaia said he had to change his riding style three or four times during the race. An exercise that Johann Zarco just difficult.

“You can play with that when you feel really good on the bike, and that’s what he does because I think he’s the only one who uses the bike 100%, the true potential of the Ducati. He’s really sensitive enough to feel everything, and I agree with him, but you really have to have everything under control for and like that. Otherwise it is very difficult. »

Starting from seventh position on the grid, the Pramac driver will bet on a soft rear tire if the track turns out to be dry

“I tried the hard but the feeling wasn’t good with it, so we’ll see the conditions tomorrow but I think the soft can be a good option for me. »

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