MotoGP Assen J2 Debriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / 2): “We are going to attack 100% from the first to the last lap!  Maybe I should recover for the five weeks!  ", etc.  (Entirety)

MotoGP Assen J2 Debriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / 2): “We are going to attack 100% from the first to the last lap! Maybe I should recover for the five weeks! “, etc. (Entirety)

This Saturday, June 25, 2022, Fabio Quartararo answered questions from journalists from the TT Circuit Assen after the second day of the Dutch Grand Prix.

After dominating the Catalunya Grand Prix from start to finish, and doing the same in Germany, El Diablo arrives in Holland with a 34-point championship lead one round away from the summer break. Set back at the end of FP1 in the wet, El Diablo raised the bar on Friday afternoon and was very fast on Saturday morning then the fastest in FP4, but could not do anything to stem Francesco Bagnaia in qualifying.

As usualwe report here the words of Fabio Quartararo without any formatting, even if it is partially translated (tu in English, tu in French).

Fabio, the Ducati and the Aprilia have visibly improved but it was very important to be on the front row today…
Fabio Quartararo : “yes, I’m a bit used to fighting against Italian motorcycles but in qualifying it’s always a little more complicated than in previous years to do a very good qualifying. But I was really on the limit in the lap I did. I wanted to try the next round but I knew it was going to be a little worse. But I’m very happy because the front row was the goal today, and we achieved it. »

You almost crashed at turn five but Aleix Espargaro qualified fifth: is this an opportunity to further increase your championship advantage?
” We will see. I think this moment was a little strange because it wasn’t really a heat: I just slipped with my foot (on the footrest). And currently, I don’t really think about the championship. We had the potential to fight for podiums and victory, and at the moment I think there are a few boys who can fight for that too. So I thought the championship later, but for tomorrow our main objective remains to have a very good race and to go home with very good results (X). »

Aleix Espargaro said the bikes haven’t changed much from last year. It is therefore you who have progressed as a pilot. Can you tell us in which area?
“For me, I think it’s overall in the riding, because as I’ve said many times before, our bike is really similar to last year’s bike. I am therefore very happy to have progressed by 2/10 compared to last year. We’re struggling but we’re still up front, so we’ll see it continue like this. »

By comparing this circuit to those on which you have won, will it be possible for you to escape tomorrow?
” It’s difficult. It’s always difficult, but it’s a bit different here compared to Sachsenring and Barcelona. Barcelona and Sachsenring are circuits where you have to be very careful with the rear tyre, and after FP4, looking at our rear tire and analyzing everything a bit, we don’t have a problem. So in the end, it’s not very important here to try to escape, because you know that you can also attack at the end of the race and make very good lap times. Last year, at the end of the race, on lap 20, I was 1/10 slower than my best lap. So I’m not very worried but for the moment my objective is not to escape. But of course, if I have the opportunity, I will take it. »

You led FP4 and Francesco Bagnaia led qualifying: what was most important?
“In the end, it’s two different kinds of sessions: in one session, you work for the race, and in the other you attack to the maximum. Some riders may use worn tires in FP4 so positions don’t really matter. It’s more the work you do in FP4: you have to feel that it’s useful for you in view of the race. Positions don’t really matter: sometimes you can finish fifth, sixth or even tenth in FP4 and do a better job than you if you finish first, second or third. And of course it’s important for us to finish on the front row, so it was very important to be second today. »

Another rider said this would be the first race where you didn’t have to deal with the tyres. In this case, are you the limit, or are you going to attack from start to finish?
“We are going to attack 100% from the first to the last lap! Maybe I should recover for the five weeks (laughs). For me, this circuit is one of the most physically demanding on the calendar, but we will all be in the same situation tomorrow. Physically, I feel good, I feel ready, so we’re going to do it. »

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