MotoGP Assen J1: punished for a technical reason, Aleix Espargaró does not forget the race direction on the safety of FP1

MotoGP Assen J1: punished for a technical reason, Aleix Espargaró does not forget the race direction on the safety of FP1

Aleix Espargaró thought he had saved appearances on this first day of the Dutch Grand Prix in Assen, where he saw himself second on the FP2 timesheet. However, nothing had been easy after a wet FP1, of which he had to complain about the safety conditions, and an FP2 disrupted by a technical problem, which may have been at the origin of the deconcentration of his team which led to this blunder, resulting in a detrimental downgrade. Everything has to be redone for the second championship which will have to go through Q1 if FP3 does not offer favorable weather conditions…

Secondly, Aleix Espargaro dropped to last in the standings Dutch Grand Prix at the end of its first day on Friday. The stewards found indeed that his RS-GP ran with a rear water spoiler while using slick tires on the front and rear wheels, which is a violation of FIM article MotoGP World Championship Regulations.

With the last run ofEspargaro Canceled in its entirety, he loses the 1’33.452 time he set under the checkered flag and finds himself the only driver in the field without an official lap time on a slick tyre. He only remains credited with his fastest lap time of 1’41.360 which he recorded during his previous performance, when he was on wet tyres.

Aleix Espargaro did not comment on the outcome on the spot, but he noted: ” we had a problem with the bike which only started six minutes from the end. I was only able to do three or four laps and despite that I finished second in almost the same time as last year’s fastest lap. It was a fuel pump connector problem.. We had to change tanks and it took us eight minutes and I didn’t expect it to be so fast “. But for nothing…

However, punished for a technical reason, Aleix Espargaro don’t forget the race director for his management of the FP1 accomplished in the rain, to speak of safety: “ 100% was a red flag. It was a complete red flag, for at least 15 minutes. I had aquaplaning in at least four parts of the track. I stopped at the box because I didn’t want to fall. On the straight I was aquaplaning, in turns 8/9 there was a lot of aquaplaning and in the bottom of the circuit “.

Aleix Espargaro: when it stops raining i will go out because i don’t want to kill myself

He adds : ” It makes me feel like sometimes we leave the red flags at home. I stopped in the pits and said to my team: ‘When it stops raining, I will go out because I don’t want to kill myself. For me, with the conditions of the first free practice it was not possible to race, impossible “. Then he remembers that you have to take it easy with race management since the “Nakagamigate” of the Catalunya Grand Prix which led to Dorna reframing on the comments to make about officials…” With all the incidents that there have been from many pilots who have brought no reaction, no improvement, then I will not get angry anymore “.

About this FP1, Oliveira and Mir confirmed the dantesque conditions while Fabio Quartararo also raised the issue of security. But the most down-to-earth comment came from Jack Millerwho also achieved the best performance during this session: “ grip is noticeably better than before here in the wet. I think you can tell from the low number of crashes and the times that were really fast. I mean, in the end, everyone has their own common sense. If you want to get out and go, get out and go. If you don’t, go sit in the box “. A point of view that also defends itself…

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