Macron in kyiv: Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine defends "C à vous", criticized by the SNJ of France Télévisions

Macron in kyiv: Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine defends “C à vous”, criticized by the SNJ of France Télévisions

She defends her columnist. This morning, in “L’instant M” on France Inter, Sonia Devillers received Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine to take stock of her daily program on France 5. During the interview, the host was asked about the sling led by the National Union of Journalists (SNJ) of France Télévisions against its management. LE SNJ was moved that no journalist from the national editorial staff of the public group was invited to follow Emmanuel Macron on the train that took him to Ukraine on June 16 and that the “C à vous” talk had a privileged access to the President of the Republic.

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“But we are all journalists!”

Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, first of all, made a clarification on the difference between the national editorial staff and her program: “The national editorial staff is attached to the midday and evening newspapers, France 2, France 3… We are also an editorial staff in our own right. We work for the show. We are an external production that delivers a turnkey program to France Télévisions“.”But we are all journalists! All the columnists who appear on the air of ‘C à vous’ are journalists. Holders of a press card. Apart, perhaps, Bertrand Chameroy. I do not think so“, she continued.

In addition, Mohamed Bouhafsi (who went for ‘C à vous’ in kyiv with Emmanuel Macron, editor’s note) spoke on France Télévisions, throughout the presidential campaign alongside Anne-Sophie Lapix and Nathalie Saint-Cricq. He even participated in the prime time political program of France 2, which is called ‘Elysée 2022’“, underlined Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, defending her columnist. And to explain: “Emmanuel Macron leaves for Ukraine. Obviously, we are asking the Elysée. We are given an agreement. Mohamed Bouhafsi left for Ukraine. It was kept confidential (…) for security reasons“.

“Excerpts were proposed to the editorial staff of France Télévisions”

The presenter of the flagship talk of the fifth channel affirmed that France Télévisions “was alerted” of this displacement: “We do nothing without coordinating with the group“.”The interview that Emmanuel Macron gave to Mohamed Bouhafsi was on the way back. He interviewed him at night. The next day, he came to the editorial staff of ‘C à vous’. He edited his interview. Extracts were proposed to the editorial staff of France Télévisions. Mohamed made duplexes from the French Embassy in kyiv for the info channel franceinfo“, she indicated.

Annoyed, she wanted to defend the image of her talk and her status as a journalist: “The job I do at ‘C à vous’ is the one I practiced at France Inter. It’s the one I practiced before at Canal+ and that I started at RMC a very long time ago. I have always been a journalist. When I go on the air in the evening, I don’t say to myself: ‘You are a presenter’. No, I am a journalist and I ask journalist questions“. invites you to view the sequence.

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