love, health, work, this is what awaits you

love, health, work, this is what awaits you

Your season is approaching, Dear Lion, but we’re not there yet! Cancer season and its emotional atmosphere have just arrived to make us confess our most secret feelings. For the natives of this sign, organization is essential, because they need to master every aspect of their life. At the slightest stimulation they receive, their capacity for organization will extend without hesitation to the disorganized lives of others.

In all Leos there is a powerful creative need that must be expressed, otherwise enormous potential will be wasted. This does not mean that they are all artists. Creativity can manifest itself in the kitchen, the garden with the sewing machine or in the working environment.

Leo’s innate enthusiasm shows up in other areas of life as well. The sun, ruler of Leo, bestows contagious vitality. They have an inner sun that illuminates not only their own life, but also that of others, or energizes them. The hours must be busy to spend all this vitality!

Horoscope: what are the astrological predictions for the sign of Leo for the summer of 2022

The start of summer will be a little difficult for you, as the Sun is in transit through your twelfth house waiting to arrive in your constellation on July 22, 2022. This means that you must face a drop in energy. important energy, and you will face ups and downs in the emotional aspect until that date. You will need to confront old regrets and situations that you believe are buried.

The beginning of your season begins with an opposition of the Sun to Pluto in Capricorn and this creates a balance of power between your unconscious and your ego.

You will try to relieve your fear of leading an existence that is not very transcendent and banal by taking refuge in appearances and this will absorb a lot of your creative energy which could be exploited in a more genuine and spontaneous way.


Around August 11, 2022, Venus will enter your sign, enhancing your exuberant magnetism when it comes to seducing. Take advantage of this astral position to conquer the heart of a person who particularly interests you, because your mojo will be at its peak! It’s also a good time to get your finances in order, as Venus is also the planet of small fortune.


This summer, your social life is active and full of new encounters. You will neglect your sleep and it will show in your overall health. Even if your vitality is legendary in the zodiac, try not to waste all of it on outings and social events. Keep some for your projects and your personal life. Your finances will thank you too!


Your relationship with your superiors can be strained if you don’t show goodwill. Your talent for leading people and organizing can be diminished by your lack of tact if you don’t put water in your wine from time to time. If tensions arise within your workplace towards the end of July, ignore them, August and the holidays will calm the troubled waters.

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