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Linky counters: be very careful with this new scam technique, it’s a huge fraud

During confinement, scammers take advantage of the fact that we are closed at home to take advantage of the most vulnerable people. The reason is that most of us spend more time on the internet. Scams with links in emails, text messages or even CPF account scams. In addition, a huge number of people order online, so there have been many victims of scammers posing as carriers and thus extorting money.

Linky meter scams

All means seem good for crooks to do their business. It’s the Linky counters’ turn to be misused. The scammers install Linky meters, then claim from residents who have not asked for anything, a sum of €6,000 for the installation of the meter. They pretend to be agents responsible for installing meters. Their numbers worked well, since there have already been victims.

To find out if the person is a scammer or not, always make sure to ask for the company’s business card before letting them install anything. Municipalities have already been warned, for example in Yonne where the gendarmerie has taken care to warn all its inhabitants. If you have the slightest doubt about a person, you can always reach 17 to receive advice or help.

Be aware that no one can return to your home if you do not wish to or without a notice, again do not hesitate to warn the police in the event of people who are too insistent or suspicious. There has already been far too much drama about bad guys posing as state or corporate envoys. So take all the precautions. An installation cannot take place if you haven’t ordered anything so don’t be fooled.

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If you are scammed or think you are

As always, scammers prey on the most vulnerable. In this specific case, it is elderly people in question. Because unfortunately it is easier to deceive, at the level of his identity, an older person. This is not the first time that this type of scam has happened, there have already been fake plumbers, policemen or EDF employees. They’ll always find a way to get us.

The Linky meter has become the government mandated meter, so the scam is simple. The thieves claim it is by order of the state and so people fall for it. This is why in Brittany in June the gendarmerie asked all residents to pay attention to who is ringing their doors.

Linky and its flaws

Although defective meters only represent a tiny number, a thousand out of 34 million, there are still meters that do not work well, if at all. A testimony from a man reports that after 2 months his was no longer working.

The counter is precisely created to be simple and suitable for use. If you notice any failure on yours, you should immediately contact the network. A maintenance will then take place or a replacement.

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