Jean-Luc Reichmann

Jean-Luc Reichmann says aloud what he thinks quietly on the 12 strokes of noon!

Jean-Luc Reichmann celebrates the 12th anniversary of the 12 noon shots. On the program: two special weeks with former midday masters and a documentary on the TF1 host. The opportunity for the latter to make a few small confidences.

For the occasion, the first channel has concocted two very special weeks during which 56 masters of the 12 noon shots will make their big comeback in front of the cameras to compete and try to win the title of greatest master of the masters of the 12 noon shots. noon with Jean-Luc Reichmann.

This will be an opportunity for the faithful to find Estelle, the very first midday master, Xavier, Eric, Timothée, and Bruno, who still holds the record with 252 participations and 1,026,107 euros in winnings and gifts. The masters will kick off on Sunday June 26 at 11:40 a.m. The winners will face off one last time in two primes, on Saturdays July 2 and 9, in a battle of masters that promises to be exceptional.

Jean-Luc Reichmann unveils his rehearsal lucky charm

To celebrate the 12th anniversary of 12 noon shots, TF1 will also offer a nice gift to viewers. On Saturday July 2 at 11:15 p.m., the channel will broadcast the documentary Jean-Luc Reichmann, an extraordinary destiny which will retrace the career of Nathalie Lecoultre’s husband. From his childhood in Toulouse, marked by the mockery of his birthmark on his nose, to his debut on radio and television, through his very serious motorcycle accident, the interpreter of Léo Matteï reveals himself as never before. .

A few days before the festivities celebrating the anniversary of the 12 noon shots, Jean-Luc Reichmann confided in People Act Magazine on his memories of the very first edition of the game, his difficulties in separating from the masters of noon after weeks of competition, his documentary where we will finally discover the face of Zette for the first time, and the Christian Quesada affair which was a real shock for him.

Jean-Luc Reichmann also revealed to People Act Magazine his little habit during each rehearsal of his shows: he always wears the same T-shirt from the metal band Faith No More. When I arrived in Paris, I was playing in a rock musical called Les Précieuses ridicules and I came across this T-shirt which has become the one for all my rehearsals, he explains. From the moment I’m in this sweatshirt, I know that nothing can happen, that nothing bad can happen to me. And that’s not his only trinket! To know everything about Jean-Luc Reichmann, click on our video.

Jean-Luc Reichmann poses with his grandma Georgette and melts internet users

For Jean-Luc Reichmann, family comes first. Even if the host of TF1 is very busy between his numerous shoots for his game show Les 12 coups de midi and his series Léo Matteï, brigade of minors, he always takes the time to recharge his batteries with his loved ones. Very close to his mother, to whom he does not hesitate to pay tribute on social networks or on the set of his shows, the husband of Nathalie Lecoultre also remains very attached to his grandmother, Georgette.

At 61, the famous animator is still lucky to have his grandmother by his side. On August 8, she celebrated her 100th birthday. The most beautiful gift for the presenter of the first channel who likes to highlight his beloved grandmother, who is still very fit, on her Instagram account. This summer, to celebrate her centenary, Jean-Luc Reichmann published a video in which she beat her mother and wife soundly at Scrabble. A beautiful moment of complicity which still moves the presenter.

Grandma Georgette’s smile

On this New Year’s Eve, Jean-Luc Reichmann naturally ran to his biggest fan. On his Instagram account, he immortalized a new moment of complicity with the old lady. We unmasked just to reveal the smile of Mamie Georgette, born in 1921, to wish us all, with a smile, kindness and love, a very happy end of the year 2021, he wrote on the social network .

For their part, Internet users have melted in front of this tender cliché. “It’s good not to forget your elders, too many elderly people are alone and isolated. Happy New Year to all “, “Super granny Georgette, long life to you”, “You are superb” or even “Very pretty granny Georgette”, can we read in the comments. A true social media star.

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