his video shocks Internet users like never before!

It’s obvious. Despite all her efforts, Loana is unable to control her moods. Joyful then depressed, it’s hard to follow her!

Loana lost, who can save her from her demons?

The less than the teamObjeko can say is that Loana plays with the nerves of his admirers. Indeed, the former winner of the first season of loft story regularly hits the headlines. To say that at the time she accepted the challenge only to meet her soul mate. Two decades later, it is still at the same stage. When she is not the heroine of a tragic incident, she tries to prove to us that she is better.

Fortunately, her BFF Eryl Prayer is there to support her. He better than anyone knows how fragile Loana is. And it’s not his recent clash with the teamIncredible Transformations which should restore its image. Still, the threat of yet another relapse of artificial paradises is never far away. On the reserve, its subscribers are conducting the investigation. Given her ambivalent attitude, some wonder if she has plunged headlong into her old ways. Objeko explains why and how.

Two days apart, Loana’s 3 blunders sow panic!

A few months ago, Loana announced to us that she had drawn a line under her mother. Believing that she was in league with her ex, she showed us by A + B that she had enough to drag her to court. Obviously, the storm has passed and the beautiful days are coming back. As proof, the legend delights as much as the content of the video “My mom’s birthday: extraordinary thanks to Eryl Prayer…” For all these reasons and for many other secrets, she cries out her love and unfailing gratitude to him. “I adore you my koala for putting stars in my mamoune’s eyes….”

A few days later, Loana thinks she is doing well by approaching her parent. Would she have already zapped everything she said about him in the press or on the Web? One thing is certain, like a recent mess in the calendar, his way of writing is confusing. “Pmagic butterfly!! sweet night [sic] asset [sic] my kitties. Don’t forget La Ferte [sic] some fathers“Be that as it may, if she wants to regain the trust of her fans, she will have to work twice as hard. And it is not by reminding them without her selling autographed photos on a platform that she will achieve this. Suddenly, an idea crossed his mind. Very badly took him to switch from theory to practice!

The water drop ?

After two years of deprivation due to the pandemic and the health protocol, the Music Festival is back! Established by Jack Lang, capable of setting the mood in all areas of France, we love it. For Loana, it’s time to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation. Instead of having fun with the filters that Instagram places at her disposal, the ex of Jean-Edouard offers us a dance of which she has the secret. Alas, the bird’s eye view of his chest creates chaos. What is she doing in this outfit? Isn’t this shocking for underage subscribers?

Instead of savoring this moment of sharing, a handful of fans are sounding the alarm. Eryl Prayer, help, she doesn’t seem to be in control of her actions at all. This follower does not take tweezers and atomizes Loana. “firstly there’s no music, secondly you’re at p/il and b*rdel, but you’re de*ned like a space fox ! Halfway between pity and anger, they do not know how she will get out of this bad patch. Fingers crossed that by discovering the comments, she does not feel rejected to the point of making another mistake. This famous fear of loneliness, we know that it is his greatest anxiety. Lurking deep inside her, she tries as best she can to hide it from those she calls her ” darlings“. Alas, his broad smiles and his colorful universe do not deceive anyone. Everything reappears from time to time without warning. The rest, you will have it inside the next issue of Objeko!

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