Guilhem Guirado: “I leave with dignity”

Guilhem Guirado: “I leave with dignity”

At 36, the former captain of the XV of France ends his career on a title of champion of France with Montpellier. A great reward after “a lot of suffering”

In what state of mind are you after this title to end your career?
Guilhem Guirado: I’m happy tonight. I leave, with dignity, proudly. With lots of emotions. With my family, there to support me. I have a special history with the Stade de France. When I stopped the France team, I didn’t know if I would have the chance to come back. I didn’t dare imagine such a beautiful end… I experienced a lot of suffering in this stadium during my career with the France team or in clubs. So ending like that allows me to leave with beautiful stars in my eyes and, above all, something beautiful for the Montpellier club. It’s a nice party. And it will last two months believe me because, in August, I don’t have the resumption of training myself (laughter).

This ending rewards a long battle?
I had to wait thirteen years anyway (to win a second title after the one with Perpignan in 2009, editor’s note) but, before that, I broke my teeth and I cried with two finals lost with Perpignan (2010) and Toulon (2015), two clubs that are dear to me. Following that, I never believed that I could taste at least a final, or even a coronation. Like what, in life, you always have to hang on, always push your limits, always believe in your dreams.

“I gave everything I had to give, I said everything I had to say. I tried to pass on, to leave a legacy. »

Is it revenge?
No. But it is a pride to have never let go. Self-sacrifice is a word that is strong for me. In my everyday life and also in my job, my passion. I’m not revengeful, I’m just fulfilled. I love rugby so much for everything it has given me, that tonight (Friday night) I say goodbye to him in the best possible way. I am very grateful for all that rugby has given me.

You failed concussion protocol for just 27 minutes on the pitch…
It’s word count didn’t work. You have to remember ten words. With the pressure and the stakes, I didn’t retain much. Four or five… Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for me to come back into play. In addition, the independent doctor told me that I was not in control of my body on impact, that my left arm was completely relaxed… C It was frustrating, disappointing, but I don’t hold it against anyone. It is important the health of the players.

Can this success make you change your mind about your retirement?
No no. (Smile) Make way for young people now! I gave everything I had to give, I said everything I had to say. I tried to pass on, to leave a legacy. I did my job. 36 years old is a good age. And stopping on a coronation… My only small regret is not having won the title with Toulon, but the RCT gave me a European Cup. So I’m still spoiled. It’s time to stop and dedicate myself to another life.

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