France Amateurs: An "urban" and "technical" circuit - News

France Amateurs: An “urban” and “technical” circuit – News

This Saturday, the amateur peloton will be able to do battle on the Cholet circuit, 20 kilometers long. The riders marched this Friday on the course of the French Championship. And unanimously among the speakers, the words “urban” and “technical” come up systematically. “It’s really urban, there aren’t too many downtimes, it turns all the time, it’s going to be technical. The two climbs are on wide roads”summarizes Pierre Gautherat, who jokes about the course by comparing it to “a criterium of 20 terminals”. The runners will have to take the Séguinière. “There is the bump then the descent is winding, it will put everyone in line. It can be done in several places. I think we can have surprises tomorrow morning”thinks Célestin Guillon. “The circuit is fast, it turns often. We will be better in the breakaway than in the peloton”adds Melvin Rullière, sporting director of the CC Etupes.


The placement will be essential in these passages in town. “The last 5-10 kilometers, it will be in line, it will be impossible to go up like it turns all the time. The key will be positioning and avoiding falls with all the turns”, specifies Pierre Gautherat. The falls could precisely multiply this Saturday morning. Because in addition to the technical course, the rain could well be part of the game throughout the race. “The rain will make the course slippery, there will be dangerous turns where it will slip. There are urban developments, white stripes, pedestrian crossings, you will have to be vigilant in the event of rain”, warns Célestin Guillon. Mathis Le Berre will also pay attention to another parameter. “It will be a little kamikaze, but if everyone is a little careful… There will be a little crosswind on the main road which can hurt too”.

In addition to the impact of rain on the course, it is also the consequences on the body that can come into play. Accustomed lately to running in the heat wave and summer weather, Pierre Gautherat and his counterparts will have to adapt. “The cars will put fat on the road. It’s been a while since the riders have raced in the rain, on such a circuit it could be weird”. Melvin Rullière alleviates his fears about the weather. “It’s the runners who adapt. Everyone knows it’s raining so everyone’s supposed to not over-inflate. It’s not like taking the rain in the middle of a race and the guys have 8 bars because “They don’t know anything about it. The rain can especially slow down guys who are scared. But the guys in front will be guys who know how to ride a bike”. The weather could also play on the scenario. Sprint, small or large committee, breakaway… The riders are not ruling anything out.


For Celestin Guillon, “The conditions will predetermine the outcome of the race. If there are bad conditions, I don’t see a sprint, or else a small sprint with 40-50 guys. Otherwise a breakaway of tough guys”. Pierre Gautherat could well see himself playing for victory on this long straight, which also serves as the finish in Cholet – Pays de Loire. “We will have to play tactics because a breakaway will be hard to catch up with but also to take. a great wide straight line pleasant for a nice sprint”. Mathis Le Berre and Melvin Rullière are more categorical about the possibility of a grouped finish. “I find it hard to believe. Perhaps a group of eight or nine who will come out two laps from the end, in tough, worn-out condition. And if everyone is represented in front, with two or three guys to make the breaks, it’s folded”thinks the runner from Côtes d’Armor-Marie Morin-U.

With few riders per team, the CC technician Etupes finds it hard to see a collective controlling the race. “The race is really tiring. I think the winner will be a patient guy who will go out in the last hour. I can see a group of fifteen riders. It’s not very difficult but I don’t see which team could decide to padlock for a sprint when at six or five, there is a lack of personnel. It will be disjointed, with solid people who will start from afar, and it will change in the last hour”. Before comparing with the French Championship of Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, in 2012. Jimmy Raibaud had settled a small group of breakaways in the sprint. “It was flat, everyone said sprint. I think it can be a bit like that for the Amateurs”.


In the game of predictions, Melvin Rullière cites two names. “I think Le Berre is going to be not bad. The circuit suits him well, even for his whole team which is going to be very active. But my favorite is Célestin Guillon, he is not afraid to win, I have a good feeling on him”. The rider from Laval Cyclisme 53 does not put himself in the favorites, but gives some for different scenarios. “In tough I can see Le Berre, Lecamus-Lambert, Guichard, Vercher and Jeannière. And we in the sprint we have Damien (Ridel), in addition to Menant who can surprise”. Quoted in the names, Mathis Le Berre assumes. “It’s technical, I like it, I don’t turn too badly”. But he cites others. “Guys like Guichard see well, he does motocross, he knows how to do in the rain. Jeannière yes, but why not a Bonnet. We can also have smaller names that stand out”. Pierre Gautherat concludes. “There are a lot of favourites, we all say Vendée U as they are strong, with Emilien Jeannière, AG2R too”. Sprint or no sprint, small or large committee, the runners will respond this Saturday morning.


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