Florian Thauvin apologizes after his off-air remarks on Marseille

Florian Thauvin apologizes after his off-air remarks on Marseille

FOOTBALL – “I live it as a betrayal”. Florian Thauvin did not really appreciate the way his interview on RMC went on Friday, June 24. Off-air remarks about the city of Marseille were broadcast without his warning, prompting him to quickly apologize on social networks, as you can see in our video at the top of the article.

The Monterrey Tigres midfielder, in Mexico, discussed “off” with journalist Jean-Louis Tourre on the reasons for his departure from Olympique de Marseille in June 2021. He notably mentioned the player’s private life and the her son’s schooling. “In truth, you did not imagine yourself raising him in Marseille? In the middle of the dingoes (sic) and all no”, quipped the RMC journalist in “Rothen ignites”.

“It is not possible for my son to go to school in Marseille”

Believing the interview was over, the player answered him without any filter. “I’m honest, I can’t say that on the air, but it’s true that when I got the extension offer from OM (…), I said to myself ‘my son at 2 years old, it is not possible that he goes to school in Marseille like that. Even me and my wife couldn’t take it anymore”.

A response that particularly shocked supporters of Olympique de Marseille on social networks.

A few hours after the interview, Florian Thauvin decided to react on social networks, apologizing to Marseille supporters, not failing to denounce the contemptuous remarks of journalist Jean-Louis Tourre.

“I shouldn’t have let this pass”

“I’m really disappointed, disgusted, I see it as a betrayal because we don’t reveal a private conversation publicly,” he explained in a video posted on Twitter. “I made a mistake because I didn’t react. I should have reacted immediately and defended ourselves. I should not have let this pass and for that I apologize to all the Marseillais.

The teammate of André-Pierre Gignac, another ex-OM player, then explained why he had decided to leave Marseille. “I had done the rounds in Marseille, I needed a change in my life, whether professional or in my private life, and I was proud and happy to be able to offer my son the opportunity to discover a new country, a new culture and the fact that he can learn several languages.”

The controversy took on a more political dimension when the mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan, reacted to the words of journalist Jean-Louis Tourre, who described the inhabitants of the city as “dingos” in this exchange.

The RMC journalist ended up publicly apologizing on Twitter in the evening. “I regret the word ‘dingos’ to qualify the Marseillais. A familiarity to designate the particular context that we have to manage when we play at OM.”, he justified himself.

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