Le jeune arrière français Hugo Besson, sélectionné par les Milwaukee Bucks en 58ème position de la Draft NBA 2022, vient d'apprendre une première mauvaise nouvelle au sujet de son avenir dans la ligue

Barely drafted, cold shower for Hugo Besson!

Narrowly drafted by the Bucks before the end of the Draft, Hugo Besson could take this sign as a big reason for encouragement for his future in the league. However, the latest news does not want to be so exciting for the young French back.

The annual meeting can sometimes seem long for observers, but was probably even more so in its position. Filled with hope before the Draft, Hugo Besson believed that he would see it end without having heard his name called on the podium. In the end, it was with the 58th and last choice that he was picked up by the Pacers, then immediately sent to the Bucks. All without really knowing what sauce it was going to be eaten.

One more year in an incubator for Besson before the NBA?

The fact that a franchise as renowned as Milwaukee set up a trade to obtain it was a positive signal for Besson. Indeed, this generally reflects a strong interest on the part of the team which ends up getting their hands on their target. However, according to information from Eric Nehm and The Athleticthat shouldn’t guarantee him a spot on Mike Budenholzer’s roster next year:

According to a league source, the Bucks would have sent cash to the Pacers to get the 58th draft pick Thursday night, and thus select Hugo Besson. Currently, the Bucks’ plan for Besson is to use him as a draft-and-stash player, and not include him in the franchise’s NBA roster for the 2022-23 season.

For the uninitiated, the principle of “draft-and-stash” consists of retaining the rights of a drafted player, while sending him abroad to develop. This is therefore the treatment to which Besson should be entitled, for whom a direct integration into the Bucks roster would be a little rushed according to them. It now remains to be seen which will be the drop points that will be available to the Frenchie, and for which he will opt.

Successful on the NBL floors last year, Hugo could choose to return to the Australian league, where the New Zealand Breakers would certainly be happy to find him. Otherwise, he could also return to the European continent, where he should be able to join a EuroLeague or EuroCup club. It is now up to him to make the best decision to perfect his progress, and to be called back to Wisconsin afterwards!

While he dreamed of taking his first steps in the NBA next season, Hugo Besson will obviously have to wait for that. He considers this setback as an opportunity to land on the US courts even stronger in a few months!

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