AS Monaco dominates Cercle Bruges in a friendly match

AS Monaco dominates Cercle Bruges in a friendly match

At the end of a very interesting opposition, the Red and Whites won against their Bruges cousins ​​at the Center de Performance (1-0), for the first friendly match of the pre-season.

A victory to start! In its first pre-season friendly match played at La Turbie, AS Monaco won against its cousin club Cercles Bruges (1-0), under the eyes of Dmitry Rybolovlev. The President attended the meeting in the company of members of his family, Juan Sartori, Vice-President of the Club, Ekaterina Sartori Rybolovleva, and their children, General Manager Jean-Emmanuel de Witt and Sporting Director Paul Mitchell.

For this resumption opposition, Philippe Clement decides to align a different team per half, in order to distribute the playing time. Félix Lemarechal starts in the middle, while Anthony Musaba is aligned alongside Kevin Volland.

Musaba’s jewel to unlock the encounter

The start of the game was very lively, with a first low attempt by Aleksandr Golovin (8th), captured by Thomas Didillon. Immediate reaction from the Cercle, which proved dangerous on an incursion by Mikail Maden, caught on the wire by Vanderson (9th). The match is finally unlocked with a new push from the Monegasques. Former Bruges player Anthony Musaba (31 games, 6 goals and 3 assists in 2020-2021), signaled himself with a very nice curled shot after a feint and two confusing outside hooks (1-0, 18th).

Also very prominent in the midfield, Félix Lemarechal saw his shot stopped half an hour into the game (30th). Before half-time, Axel Disasi places a powerful header from a corner, well captured by the doorman of the Circle (39th). While Kevin Denkey forces the Monegasque captain to make a big defensive intervention (41st). The second act therefore starts with two new teams. The young hinge Okou-Marcelin starts in the axis, while a new trio Geubbels-Ayiah-Efekele is aligned in front.

Nice reaction from the Greens and Blacks

Cercle Bruges, very rejuvenated, returns with good intentions. Louis Torres, trained at the Academy and currently in preparation with the Vert et Noir, first stands out on a free kick (57th). Then it’s the young Aske Sampers who places a header that Wolf Ackx cannot take back (65th). The Monegasque response is immediate and it is signed Willem Geubbels, whose heavy strike is repelled by Warleson, who prevents Malamine Efekele from recovering well (67th). A game of possession then sets in which does not lead to real opportunities.

Radeck Majecki saves the advantage

We have to wait the last ten minutes to see the match get carried away. Radoslaw Majecki then made three classy saves. First author of a superb horizontal to capture the header of the Monegasque U19 Enzo Couto (84th), he then relaxes in quick succession against Wolf Ackx and Xander Martle (85th). The final attempt by Aske Sampers, too crossed, did not change the outcome of the match (92nd).

AS Monaco thus won ahead of Cercle Bruges by the smallest of margins, to get their campaign of friendly matches off to a good start. Next meeting against the Swiss of Saint-Gall next Wednesday at La Turbie (6 p.m.).

The game sheet:

Friendly game

AS Monaco 1-0 Cercle Brugge

Half time: 1-0

Aim : Musaba (18th) for AS Monaco

AS Monaco: Nübel (Majecki, 46th) – Vanderson (Aguilar, 46th), Disasi © (Marcelin, 46th), Maripán (Okou, 46th), Caio Henrique (Jakobs, 46th) – Gelson Martins (Efekele, 46th), Fofana (Pelé, 46th ), Lemarechal (Tiago Ribeiro, 46th), Golovin (Jean Lucas, 46th) – Musaba (Geubbels, 46th), Volland (Ayiah, 46th)

Replacements: Majecki, Aguilar, Jakobs, Marcelin, Okou, Jean Lucas, Pelé, Tiago Ribeiro, Ayiah, Efekele, Geubbels

Coach : Philip Clement

Circle Brugge: Didillon (Warleson, 46th) – Utkus (Ravych, 46th), Daland (Cassaert, 46th), Sousa (Couto, 46th), Miangue (Torres, 46th) – Lopes Da Silva (Magassa, 46th), Vanhoutte © (Van Der Bruggen , 46th), – Deman (Decarpentrie, 46th), Hotic (Martle, 46th), Maden (Ackx, 46th) – Denkey (Sampers, 46th)

Replacements: Warleson, Cassaert, Couto, Ravych, Torres, Magassa, Decarpentrie, Martle, Vanackere, Van Der Bruggen, Ackx, Sampers, Bruzese

Coach : Dominik Thalhammer

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