Thauvin says he experienced "a kind of depression" in Marseille

Thauvin says he experienced “a kind of depression” in Marseille

Exceptional guest of “Rothen ignites” on RMC this Friday (to listen to from 6 p.m.), Florian Thauvin explains the reasons for his departure from Marseille last summer to join the Tigers, reporting great mental weariness and “psychologically difficult things to swallow”.

His choice was surprising, but Florian Thauvin (29) does not regret for a moment having joined the Tigres de Monterrey in July 2021. He left OM, free, at the end of his contract ending an adventure of eight years, interspersed with a six-month stint at Newcastle.

Exceptional guest of “Rothen ignites” on RMC this Friday (to listen to on the air from 6 p.m.), the striker justified his choice to leave Europe, despite some opportunities, for a destination perceived as exotic, Mexico. Notably for one reason: mental wear and tear in Marseille.

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“OM is an extraordinary club but it’s a tough club”

“There are several things to take into account, situates the 2018 world champion. The first is that I was coming to the end of my contract with OM and that I had a choice to make whether it was about the athlete and on private life. What you need to know is that by signing for OM, it was a childhood dream. So I had managed to achieve my dream and also had the chance to become champion world at the time when I was at OM. The second thing is that I spent seven years at OM. It’s an extraordinary club, which is magnificent, but it’s a club which is tough. There is a lot of pressure on a daily basis, I went through difficult times, especially psychologically where certain things were difficult to swallow.”

The former Bastia player – where he rubbed shoulders with Jérôme Rothen for two seasons (2011-2013) – illustrates these difficult times. “It’s a constant pressure, he explains. It’s a club very often on the front of the stage so there is an obligation of result, pressure from people like you, Mr Jérôme Rothen, from the media and then there is pressure from the fans. You often do the emotional lift, it’s a club with great passion. When you play well one week you are the best player in the world and the week after “afterwards you are no longer to put on the field. These are things that I had a hard time living with and it lasted for many years and at a certain point I lost this passion.”

“In Europe, in the locker room, it’s everyone for their own face. I lived it for quite a few years at OM and I didn’t want that anymore”

Some kind of depression? “Yes, we can talk about it at greater length, but I had consulted a mental trainer, he confirms. it starts from there. What was important for me was to rediscover this passion for football, the one you play when you are a kid, where you don’t ask questions, where there are no worries in the locker room, where there is a family atmosphere, a bit like we had in Bastia. It’s also something like that that was really important to me. And here (in Mexico), that’s what I found The locker room is a big family. Training is over, we all have a barbecue on the field together, our children come to training, we train on a part of the field and they all play together on the other. It’s a different context and a different mentality. You also knew him, Jérôme, in Europe, in the locker room, it’s every man for his own it sucks and it’s very complicated. I experienced it for quite a few years at OM and I didn’t want that anymore.”

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