Philippe Montanier (Toulouse): “I am impatient and excited”

Philippe Montanier (Toulouse): “I am impatient and excited”

“There were absentees during the first session. Why were Rhys Healey, Branco van den Boomen and Maxime Dupé not there for the recovery?
Some players have passed medical tests this (Thursday) morning. Rhys (Healy) and Maxim (Tricked) are there. For private reasons, Branco (van der Boomen) will join us at the Navata internship (from Sunday). Max will be there this afternoon, like all those who weren’t there, except the internationals who have a few extra weeks of vacation.

You also invited several young people.
Yes, we took some young people from the training center as I usually do at the start of the season. We are already starting to integrate them. They will be present at the course. There will be 24 players and 4 goalies.

How important is this internship to you in your preparation?
It is important but more like before, insofar as we know that the transfer window lasts until August 31, while the internship begins in July. There may still be movements. We restart the machine, we start to work on the offensive and defensive principles. We monitor dietetics, we can hold meetings and videos, we have the players on hand. In terms of cohesion, it’s more difficult because we know that all clubs have to move.

“My colleagues (coaches) will say that it’s important to start well. We rather consider that it is important to arrive well »

Are you going with the idea of ​​keeping the same game identity as last season in Ligue 2? Namely a playful and offensive style.
Absolutely, we worked on it all season, it didn’t go too badly. It is sure that we will go a notch above, but we will try to improve on what we know how to do.

How important is it to capitalize on the season on the one that has just ended?
My colleagues (coaches) will say that it is important to leave well. We rather consider that it is important to arrive well. We know that the road will be long and that the Championship will be played over time.

You are one of the Ligue 1 clubs to resume training as soon as possible. Is it necessary for your club to have a long preparation before returning to the elite?
I don’t think it’s very long compared to the others. The only difference compared to the clubs that were in Ligue 1 last season is that we finished earlier. We’ve already had five and a half weeks of vacation. I think that was more than enough. For two or three days, it will be more of a pre-recovery with tests. Afterwards, we will enter into a six-week preparation, which is rather classic.

“It would be a shame to give ourselves a place when we could push it away”

How did you feel the group? Were the players happy to meet again?
We had an atmosphere all year, we are in continuity. We felt the players were very happy to meet again. Because we like vacations but we couldn’t wait to get back to the field.

What are your ambitions ? In addition to maintenance of course.
Above all, it means asking where the limit is drawn. Once fixed, wouldn’t it be good to push it away? Our objective is to do the best possible, our wish to all is to finish as high as possible. It would be a shame to give yourself a place when you could push it away.

In what state of mind are you personally? Do you feel any particular pressure?
If we had no pressure, we would stop. It is constant and even sought after. Last year, we had enormous pressure, we had to go back (in League 1). We did it. This year, inevitably, we are under pressure to restart in Ligue 1 in the best way to stay there. The pressure is there. I am impatient and excited. It’s been two years since Téfécé left Ligue 1, we showed good things in Ligue 2. We say to ourselves that we must now demonstrate them in Ligue 1. “


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