Moussa Diabate, the new "French Touch" of the Clippers

Moussa Diabate, the new “French Touch” of the Clippers

Very “french” atmosphere at the Clippers. The day when Moussa Diabate did his trial with the Los Angeles franchise, along withIshmael Kamagate and another European player, a compatriot was there to observe them: Nicholas Batum. ” Nico wanted to watch. He had a vested interest and, I don’t want to speak for him, but I think he was impressed with Moussa. There was probably a little bit of French bias “Reports Lawrence Frank, who also describes the winger as a” crazy because he comes to practice every morning at 4:30.

The Clippers president found the presence of “Batman” positive and inspiring for young “prospects”, less used to having to prove themselves in front of established players. It must be believed that his presence brought happiness to Moussa Diabate. Because among a little less than thirty players interviewed by the Clippers, the latter have retained the interior of Michigan with their 43rd draft choice.

The 21st workout!

Lawrence Frank says to himself ” very happy for recruiting the Frenchman, a prospect on the franchise’s radar for a while. The leader describes a young man extremely endearing ” with ” incredible energy and spirit “.

The Clippers brought him in to train last week from Utah, where he was already coming out of his 19th workout. ” He said his ankle hurt a little but he wanted to continue. His ankle was hurting badly, so we went to dinner and said, ‘You’re not going to practice. It does not make sense. This is your 19th practice session.‘”

The Frenchman has warned that he has two more tests to carry out at the other end of the country. ” Talk to your agent and see if you want to come back and play “retorted the Clippers. ” I love competition “, then sent back the Frenchman who spun on the East coast as planned before returning to the Californians for a 21st “workout”.

When we talk about the qualities we appreciate, it all starts with the actions and it was so impressive to see him in his 21st session, being able to bring the same energy and the same intensity as in the previous training sessions, we saw special qualities in him », justifies Lawrence Frank.

Rather pivot than strong winger

The latter sees in the French a player with “ amazing engine “, able to defend on several positions, to change in defense and to bring an additional athletic dimension. While he was playing more at position 4 this season alongside Hunter Dickinson (2.16 meters), Moussa Diabate (2.11 meters) would be more intended for the pivot position for the big league. ” Especially in attack. He has a good passing instinct. Shooting will take time. There is a base but playing him exclusively on the periphery is probably not playing to his strengths “, decides the leader.

If the latter does not extend on the contract offered to the Frenchman, Lawrence Frank imagines a long-term job. ” A development project. We know very well where he is, and we will have a very good plan and a good vision of what we are going to do over time. […] He played a year of college basketball. We will really build on his qualities, then build his attacking game and see how far he can go. »

The first stage of this development should go through the Summer League. ” This guy did 21 workouts. I just hope he paused for a second. But it’s what we expect, I want to see it. I want to make sure he’s in one piece. »

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