Mewen Tomac and Marie Wattel fell on stronger, Emma Terebo stops there … What to remember from Thursday evening

Mewen Tomac and Marie Wattel fell on stronger, Emma Terebo stops there … What to remember from Thursday evening

After a Wednesday evening where almost everything smiled on them, the Blues drank the cup at the Budapest Worlds. For the two entered in the final, Marie Wattel in the 100m freestyle and Mewen Tomac in the 200m backstroke, the wave was too small to ride on and simply fell on faster swimmers. They respectively finished 7th and 5th in the Hungarian evening at the Duna Arena. The two good news of the evening are on the side of the women’s 50-meter butterfly with the qualifications of Mélanie Hénique and Marie Wattel.

For the semi-finals, it stuck for the triple Olympic medalist in the 50-meter freestyle, Florent Manaudou, in his favorite discipline. He completed his straight line in seventh position with an anecdotal time (21.95). For Emma Terebo, over 200 meters backstroke, the step was too high to extricate herself from the pack. The New Caledonian, fifth in the 100 meters back three days earlier, finished fifth in his half, not necessarily in his favorite discipline.

It went too fast for Mewen Tomac

Mewen Tomac did not succeed in his objective of seeking a medal but offered himself, despite a fifth place, a new personal best (1’56″35) in a very fast final. He confided after his race at the microphone of France Télévisions: “I thought the podium was going to go slower than that. I hoped to be there, but we’ll still have to work. I did my race, I was even better than yesterday. It’s my first final, I I was very excited and maybe I left some feathers in there.”

Marie Wattel behind the leaders

On the 100 meters freestyle, queen race on which she did not necessarily bet, the Northerner still managed to climb to the final. She had to settle for seventh place (53″60), logically, behind the Australian Mollie O’Callaghan, the Swedish legend Sarah Sjoestroem and the American nugget Torri Huske. However, she recovered perfectly because, a few minutes later, she qualified for the 50-meter butterfly final with the sixth time in 25.56.

In a race that seemed to be disputed between Sjoestroem and Huske, it was finally the Australian O'Callaghan who won thanks to a thunderous finish.  Marie Wattel, faster than in the semi-final unfortunately finished 7th.

Léon Marchand and the French 4×200 meter relay far from the mark

The Americans were too far away anyway. The podium was, too. The four French torchbearers Jordan Pothain, Léon Marchand, Roman Fuchs and Hadrien Salvan finished seventh in the 4×200 meter freestyle final (7’08″78) more than eight seconds from winning. This is therefore the first smooth final for Marchand, the young tricolor star of these Worlds, triple individual medalist in Budapest.

The Americans are untouchable in these world championships and show it again with this easily conquered first place.  The Australians 2nd just ahead of the British.  France finished 7th.

Emma Terebo will not go to the final

The New Caledonian was discovered in the final of the 100 meters backstroke on Monday, finishing in fifth position. This time, over twice the distance run on Thursday, Emma Terebo could not compete with her opponents. The licensee of Amiens Métropole Natation, trained by Michel Chrétien, finished in fifth place in her half (2’11″77) and will not see the final of the 200 meters backstroke.

With a 5th time in her semi-final, Emma Terebo is eliminated from the 200 meters backstroke.  The 3 leading swimmers were much faster while the second half saw 5 out of 8 swimmers qualify.

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