Léa Salamé stops the political program of France 2, Caroline Roux is favorite to succeed her

Léa Salamé stops the political program of France 2, Caroline Roux is favorite to succeed her

INFO TÉLÉRAMA – Léa Salamé lets go of the reins of the France 2 program which she has hosted since 2016, to devote herself to her Saturday evening talk show and the morning show of France Inter. Caroline Roux, who presents “The 4 truths” on France 2 and “C dans l’air” on France 5, seems well on her way to succeeding him.

“I wanted to say thank you, Léa, and congratulations personally for this exhausting and successful year. » The compliments of Laurent Guimier, the boss of the info of France Télévisions, to Léa Salamé, last Thursday live on France 2, at the end of a political debate, sounded like a tribute of goodbye. “We have done fifteen political shows since September in prime time, we were the only ones to do so […]. Long live politics on France 2! », retorted this one, as a review of the year, but without announcing to the viewers that it was his last.

The journalist had already acted on it for several months. She entered this meeting in 2016 alongside David Pujadas, when he was still called The Political Programbefore taking control alone, then with Thomas Sotto or Laurent Guimier, over revised formulas (It’s your turn to speak, Elysee 2022, France 2022…).

“I can’t go on with everything”, she slipped into Entertainment TV in May, announcing that there would be “from change to back-to-school”. Here we are. According to our information, the journalist has confirmed her choice with the management of France Télévisions to devote herself to the morning show of France Inter, which she co-hosts every morning with Nicolas Demorand. But also to her new bet: in September, she will replace Laurent Ruquier, on Saturday evening in the second part of the evening on France 2. He had occupied the slot for sixteen years with We are not in bed then We are live. At the request of the public group, Léa Salamé became its co-host a year ago. No details have yet filtered on the contours of this new talk show, on which the teams are working. The reporter did not answer our questions.

Who will take over the reins of the Thursday political show? Asked, the management of France Télévisions, which is preparing its back-to-school schedule in secret and will announce it on July 6 at a press conference, ensures that “ nothing is decided “. But behind the scenes, the name of Caroline Roux seriously holds the rope, even if the discussions with the direction of the group, started several weeks ago, are still in progress. The journalist is a regular at political interviews, which she practiced for a long time on Canal+ morning shows, then on France 2 with The 4 truths, the political interview she conducts every day at 7:40 a.m. in Telematin.

Also host of C in the air, the decryption magazine of France 5 (alternating with Axel de Tarlé), Caroline Roux stood out this season with four special presidential evenings specifically targeted at the international scene. His name had also circulated at the time of the organization of the debate between the two rounds, which opposed Emmanuel Macron to Marine le Pen, finally presented by Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau. Caroline Roux could leave the keys to the 4 Truths at Thomas Sotto, co-presenter of Telematin, already practiced. Contacted, neither of them answered us.

On the information side, the future back-to-school schedule is being prepared in a turbulent context. This Thursday, June 23, the societies of journalists from the editorial staff of the group met in an extraordinary general meeting to express their concern about a possible reduction in staff. They have decided to submit to the vote soon the principle of a motion of no confidence against the direction of information.

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