Laurent Ruquier launches a spade at his ex-producer Catherine Barma after losing his lawsuit

Laurent Ruquier launches a spade at his ex-producer Catherine Barma after losing his lawsuit

This week, after several months of waiting, Laurent Ruquier lost his lawsuit against his ex-producer Catherine Barma. A news that is not likely to appease their relationship, always very conflicted.

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Laurent Ruquier will start at the start of the next school year in the group he is leaving to take a few vacations, namely France Télévisions. The host and comedian will indeed be back on France 2 in September, but no longer hostingWe are live. He hands over, from a box he has held for several years, to Léa Salamé. A divorce that he does not regret even if he affirms in an interview with the Parisian that “Léa has nothing to do with it, it surely went better with her than if it had been someone else since we have a real bond. Launched two years ago We are live took the place of We are not in bed, program produced by Catherine Barma, his former sidekick with whom he is now angry. She had filed a lawsuit against the host, that she just won, claiming 1 million euros in passing.

Laurent Ruquier loses his case against Catherine Barma: he has not yet appealed

Daily, Laurent Ruquier explains that he has not yet decided whether he was going to appeal the conviction. However “we have a month to do it”. He nevertheless specifies that it was indeed Catherine Barma who attacked him: “I don’t want people to think I’m the bad guy in this story”. Moreover, he adds a point which, according to him, has no “not retained in the judgment” : “If she had wanted to continue on Saturday evening, she had the possibility”. Laurent Ruquier’s resentment towards his ex-producer still seems tenacious since he warns: “The next animators with whom she wishes to work are warned: pay close attention to your contracts”.

The host returns to the stoppage ofWe are live on France 2

Leaving the presentationWe are liveLaurent Ruquier expressed his sadness at the idea of ​​no longer having artists from all walks of life, who are sometimes less audience-generating: “It’s a real programming policy on my part, that I have always wished and defended. I’m not looking for the audience at any cost. This is why I welcomed public theater actors, such as Joël Pommerat, Maxime d’Aboville, Patrick Haudecœur…”. On this subject, he takes the opportunity to send a new spade to Catherine Barma whom he accuses of having reproached him for receiving Juliette or Grégory Gadebois “because they were too big”. Now free on Saturday evenings, the host of Big heads is preparing several projects with France Télévisions, two of which will be tested during the first part of the evening. One of these novelties will be a current affairs song show “where singers, imitators or comedians will interpret titles related to current events, either with their original text, or with parodies that I will write.” See you in the fall!

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