Kevin Durant ready to consider leaving the Nets?!

Kevin Durant ready to consider leaving the Nets?!

If the NBA Draft is only a few hours away and we are all waiting for transfer announcements, it is a bomb of a completely different caliber that has just fallen on the planet. Amid the uncertainty surrounding Kyrie Irving’s extension to the Nets, Kevin Durant is reportedly seriously considering his future in Brooklyn. Oh boy…

We were just talking about it yesterday. And 24 hours later, the scenario of a potential transfer of Kevin Durant has suddenly gained credibility. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, KD is reportedly starting to have serious questions about his future with the Nets as the possibility of Irving leaving in the offseason may have never been greater. Wednesday, Adrian Wojnarowski had notably indicated that Durant was not particularly involved in the Free Agency of the Nets, Free Agency which would be currently disturbed by the uncertainty concerning the extension of Kyrie in Brooklyn. Admittedly, the summer market has not yet officially started, but we know that the negotiations do not wait until July 1 to start, and obviously KD would be much less active than usual. Is this a sign that Durant is considering a future somewhere other than New York? Maybe, maybe not. In any case, it looks very similar. And as you can imagine, the rumors surrounding Irving just got a big boost, with Shams and Woj both mentioning the possibility of a transfer in the offseason. Adrian Wojnarowski even ditched the teams that Uncle Drew would be interested in as part of a sign & trade, namely the Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, Heat, Mavericks and Sixers. According to the number one insider ofESPNnone of these franchises makes Irving a priority at the time of these lines (not too surprising that…), but who knows what can happen this summer.

That Kevin Durant is starting to think about his future on the Brooklyn side is not really breaking news given the mess that has surrounded him for several months. Maybe KD is really fed up with it all and wants to spend the rest of his prime in a stable franchise where everyone is as focused on basketball as he is. Now, we are not yet at the stage where he asks for his trade, he who – we remember – is under contract with the Nets for the next four years. We can’t rule out the scenario in which this is all just a way to put pressure on the Brooklyn franchise. to settle the Irving case by offering him the extension he wants. It’s all about leverage and the first rumors made public a few days ago concerning the “impasse” between the Nets and Kyrie were already going in this direction. We may be right in episode 2. It’s no secret that Durant and Kyrie are friends and the first has often supported the second since they share the same jersey. As Woj rightly pointed out yesterday, KD represents Irving’s greatest leverage in his negotiations with the Nets. “Won’t you give me the contract I’m looking for?” Ok I will test the market, and if I move know that KD will ask for his trade in stride », that’s basically the best argument Kyrie has today. Basically, we imagine that Irving wants to stay in Brooklyn, not far from New Jersey where he grew up. Basically, we imagine that Irving wants to stay alongside Durant with the Nets, and the same for the latter. But basically, the further we go, the more we say to ourselves that everything can explode…

Is this the beginning of the end for the Nets or a maneuver by the duo KD – Kyrie to force the hand of the Brooklyn franchise concerning the extension of Uncle Drew? We let you judge but one thing is certain, the next few days are likely to be hot in New York. Next date to put on your calendar: June 29, when we will know if Irving activates his player option for next season or not.

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