Vive la france baguette Français Draft 2022

four more French in the NBA

Like every year, several French people are trying their luck in the land of Uncle Sam. There were four of them for this 2022 Draft and each one won his bet since Adam Silver called all our compatriots from his desk. A full box for tricolor basketball!

Ousmane Dieng, Ismaël Kamagate, Hugo Besson and Moussa Diabaté shared the same dream that night, to see Adam Silver arrive all smiles and pronounce their names in front of fans around the world. Unsurprisingly, Ousmane Dieng didn’t have to wait too long. Invited to the Green Room like all the cracks of the vintage, the winger passed by the New Zealand Breakers was able to shake hands with the boss of the League and put on a Knicks cap. However, the player will not defend the colors of the Garden because he is directly traded to the Thunder, decidedly very Francophile, where they could join Théo Maledon and Jaylen Hoard (if they are retained by the franchise). A young team that relies heavily on the development of nuggets, one could hardly dream of a better environment for the talent of Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

If Dieng’s draft was a formality, his three comrades started from much further. Were we going to have everyone in the second round? Were some going to have to go through the two-way contract box, like for example Yves Pons last year? The franchises have decided and our three tricolors have cracked the Top 60. A 4/4 as clean as Steph Curry on the line for the croaking and fairly nice destinations for our representatives. Second called of the evening, Moussa Diabaté will join Nicolas Batum at the Clippers (if he extends), thus strengthening a racket which could be empty soon according to the Zubac and Hartenstein files. A team that plays for the win and the captain of the Blues as support for its first steps in the NBA, hard not to be happy.

Similar observation for Ismaël Kamagate. The pivot of Paris Basketball also offers a nice spot by landing in Denver. Going from the capital to the mountains of Colorado is likely to be a nice change of atmosphere, but the interior will be able to benefit from the advice of the reference pivot of the moment and double MVP in title, Nikola Jokic. An ideal mentor when discovering the Great League and it will be necessary to activate the sponge mode. Another plus point is that the Gold Diggers franchise is well known for its ability to develop young players. The minutes will probably be limited at first but the fit is extremely promising for Kamagate.

Finally, Hugo Besson closes the ball with a very beautiful dance since he joins the Bucks on the gong. The now ex-reigning champion has decided to bet on the tricolor guard, also passed by the New Zealand Breakers. It’s a little surprise because Hugo was expected earlier in the vintage but the destination is far from devoid of charm. Rubbing shoulders with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton or even Jrue Holiday every day in training, we have seen worse. Despite everything, we will have to fight to grab minutes with Grayson Allen, Pat Connaughton and Wesley Matthews (if he remains) who generally share the cake at post 2. Learning will undoubtedly go through the G League box and the Herd of Wisconsin. A lesser evil to afford the right to dream of the NBA.

Four French in the Draft 2022, it’s a very nice vintage! We had not seen so many representatives of France since 2016 with five called up and it was then a record. Can’t wait for the Summer League to see all these beautiful people in action.

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