for the last of the season, Cyril Hanouna makes "a big announcement" which disappoints internet users

for the last of the season, Cyril Hanouna makes “a big announcement” which disappoints internet users

For the last of the 9th season of “TPMP” on C8, the host waited until the very end of the show to make “a big announcement”. (C8 screenshot)

This Thursday, June 23, Cyril Hanouna and the entire “TPMP” team closed season 9 of the famous C8 talk show. A final full of confidences, surprise guests, clashes, tinkering… and announcements! Indeed, throughout this last issue of the season, Cyril Hanouna kept the viewers but also the chroniclers on set spellbound. “Baba” wanted to make a speech at the very end of the program. The suspense was at its height…until the moment of “Baba’s speech”. For many viewers, the ad in question did not deserve such a wait!

Curtain. This Thursday, June 23, Cyril Hanouna and the whole team of “Touche pas à mon poste!” closed the ninth season of the show on C8. For this last issue, Baba wanted to come back to the best moments of the year without neglecting the news. He indeed received Raquel Garrido who announced that he had filed a complaint for defamation against Le Point, following the publication (and deletion) of an article accusing the MP and her spouse of having employed a cleaning lady without a residence permit. . But the last of the year of TPMP was also an opportunity to experience lighter and more surprising moments, like the arrival of Bigflo and Oli on the set or even TJ Jackson, nephew of Michael Jackson. , currently visiting France. Cyril Hanouna also wanted to take advantage of the latter to open a new sequence “Le Rabibocheur”. Objective: to attempt a reconciliation between Gilles Verdez and Gilles Favard but also between Matthieu Delormeau and Fabrice Di Vizio. Objective… half completed. If Fabrice Di Vizio was able to show great class by offering a book to his “rival” Matthieu Delormeau, the two Gilles offered a new clash of anthology to viewers!

VIDEO – Discover Cyril Hanouna’s Minute

“It’s a mouthful!”

But tonight, Cyril Hanouna wanted to keep all viewers in suspense throughout this program by mentioning a “big announcement” to come. For almost an hour and a half, the whole audience was waiting! Cyril Hanouna then devoted the last ten minutes of his show to thanks. “I would like to thank all the columnists for this magnificent year. I would like to thank all the speakers (…) who came to TPMP and who made this a historic year for us, in terms of audiences”, said he confided. “Baba” also wanted to thank all the viewers for their loyalty, but also all the technicians, directors, managers, authors, make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, the whole team who works personally with him and also all the C8 staff including Maxime Saada, CEO of the Canal+ group and Franck Appietto, CEO of C8. After these thanks, the star host of the channel asked that we launch a Marseillaise to introduce “Baba’s speech”.

The host then continued, very solemnly: “Dear compatriots, we have just closed the 9th season of “Touche pas à mon poste!” on C8. A season rich in emotions, rich in twists and rich in audiences. (.. .) Now it’s time to look to the future. What’s going to happen? Know that there are a lot of things that have been proposed, that were in the pipeline… And I can tell you today that “Don’t touch my post!” and my person will be on C8 for the 2022-2023 season but also for the 2023-2024 season but also for the 2024-2025 season and also for the 2025-2026 season!” In the process, viewers witnessed a round of applause from the audience and from all the columnists on set.

“I am very happy to be with you until 2026. You have brought me a lot of happiness this year and we will always listen to only one person, since you are only one person, it is you, the public” confided Cyril Hanouna before concluding this last program of the year and giving viewers an appointment from August 29 for four more years on C8. If this announcement, “teased” throughout the show, delighted the fans of the show, it also disappointed many Internet users…

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