Brad Pitt: soon to retire for the star of Bullet Train?

Brad Pitt: soon to retire for the star of Bullet Train?

Expected to play “Bullet Train” this summer, then “Babylon” at the end of the year, Brad Pitt spoke about his career which, according to him, is coming to an end.

1. “Bullet Train” Killers Appear

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August 3, brad pitt will face a handful of hitmen in the wagons of David Leitch’s Bullet Train, which we hope will be launched at high speed in dark rooms. Then he will revisit the arrival of talkies in Hollywood in Damien Chazelle’s Babylon, expected with us on January 25, 2023. And he could find George Clooney in front of Jon Watts’ camera. And then ?

“I consider myself close to the end”the star told QG about his career. “This is my last semester or term. What will this section be made of? How do I want to shape it?” Today aged 58, the actor does not mean, however, that he will hang up in three or six months. Nor does he give himself a specific ultimatum. But this is not the first time he has spoken of leaving the sets.

In 2004, when Troy was released, he was already talking about putting an end to it: “I give myself four more years to make good films”he said in the German magazine TV Movie. “Then will come a new generation of cinema with new heroes. (…) It’s the normal course of things.”

Things obviously did not go as he had announced, and he did it again in 2011, during the promotion of the Strategist, announcing a desire to stop three years later, the year of his 50th birthday. Which he didn’t either. But will he finally take the plunge when he turns sixty, in 2023? And if so, what will he do next?


In 2004, he highlighted his taste for architecture and the temptation to try it out for good. Seven years later, he hinted that he might retire as an actor, but stay in the film business: “I really like the production side, developing the scripts, and arranging it all together”said then the one who is involved in the highly anticipated Blonde, scheduled for September 23 on Netflix, via its Plan B box.

It is true that, before being rewarded for his role in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, Brad Pitt had received his first Oscar as a producer, thanks to 12 Years a Slave. And so he could stay behind the camera. Either way, the industry will lose “one of the last movie stars”according to Quentin Tarantino, who directed it twice.

When Brad was in the shot I felt like I was watching a movie (Quentin Tarantino)

“He’s a different breed of man”specifies its director of Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood to GQ. “And I think, frankly, you can’t describe it precisely, because it would be like trying to describe the shine of a star. I realized that when we were doing Inglourious Basterds. When Brad was in the shot, I didn’t feel like I was looking through the eyecup of the camera. I felt like I was watching a movie. Just being in the middle of the frame gave that impression.”

Each new Brad Pitt project therefore risks being watched very closely. Because each of them could well be the last. But we are not there yet, and it will be on August 3 in the action film Bullet Train, which promises to be crazy. And deadly.

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