Zidane's big tackle to Domenech

Zidane’s big tackle to Domenech

Evoking his return to the France team in 2005 then the 2006 World Cup, Zinedine Zidane was not kind to Raymond Domenech.

Asked in the columns of The Team, Zinedine Zidane shouted his love for the France team. ” I knew this French team as a player. And that’s the best thing that ever happened to me! (He puts his hand on his heart.) But really! It’s the pinnacle.” he confided. It is undoubtedly this attachment to the Blues which convinced him to return to the France team in 2005, a year after retiring from international football after a frustrating Euro 2004.

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I had to come back to the France team

The 1998 Ballon d’Or came back to this return, which could even have happened earlier as the lack was glaring from the first international break without the France team. “My first thing is to say to myself: I am missing something. I had to come back to the France team. It took a second to tell myself, I’m going to stop everything, and it took three days to tell myself, I have to come back to the selection! », he confided, adding: “I couldn’t say, ‘I’ll be right back.’ There were also these meetings with Claude Makelele and Lilian Thuram, who had also stopped. We saw each other. We talked and talked about it often. There was the same lack in them. We finally decided to come back together. It was what Claude, Lilian and I wanted. Then they handed me the pole. »

It was my desire to come back that made me come back!

A pole stretched by Raymond Domenech. But “Zizou” affirms it: the former coach is not for much in this return. ” He came to see me. OK. But it was my desire to come back that made me come back! Point, he asserted. There were other more irrational elements… But to stick to the rational, that’s me. Our discussions with Lilian and Claude. This lack of the Blues. I come back, I put the jersey back on and off we go. That’s wonderful. »

I have the glands and I let him know

A year later, the Blues are in the final of the World Cup and according to Zinedine Zidane, Raymond Domenech did not weigh very heavily in the course of the Blues. The native of Marseille has also always across the throat his replacement by David Trezeguet in the last minutes of the match against South Korea. “He takes me out to bring in David Trezeguet (90th + 1). But who is going to score it, David? It wasn’t clear, he explained. I have the glands and I let him know. There are plenty of things that had also happened before. Stories told about my return that weren’t true. I decided to plot my thing at this time. We even decided to trace our thing together. And it was going to do it. It was on.”

We had taken the keys. 100 %

And Zizou to go one better. “We took the keys. 100 %. We were among ourselves, every day before a match. We had found a place for us. It was exceptional, he indeed continued. We brought in merguez from Berlin because they were said to be the best! Magnificent moments, for four hours at the table. There was a real cohesion. It was in a little lost inn, a few kilometers from our hotel. A fabulous atmosphere.”

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