Youtuber Léo Grasset, alias DirtyBiology, accused of sexual and psychological violence

Youtuber Léo Grasset, alias DirtyBiology, accused of sexual and psychological violence

The youtubeur Léo Grasset, better known under the pseudonym of DirtyBiology, is at the heart of a long investigation published by Mediapart this Friday. Aged 32, this science popularizer who has more than a million subscribers on YouTube is implicated by several women who accuse him of sexual and psychological violence.

“In total, Mediapart collected the accounts of eight women implicating him, to very different degrees, in intimate relationships or at work”, we read in this article which specifies “that no complaint has so far day was filed”.

“I tell him several times that I don’t want to”

This investigation reports in particular the testimony of a young woman named Lisa in the article, a videographer who would have maintained an intimate relationship with Léo Grasset. The article relates: “They see each other from time to time, sometimes have sexual relations. Then he disappears again, without her knowing where or with whom. Sometimes, in videographer forums, he makes fun of her, but, in private, comes back to her. “The thing that has become excessively unhealthy is that I had fallen back into the gears of admiration, of control,” says the young woman. »

Lisa recounts a particularly violent scene that allegedly took place in the summer of 2016, in Paris. After several hours of delay, Léo Grasset would have found the young woman as planned. “He is heavily alcoholic, according to several witnesses,” he said. “Angry”, Lisa explains to mean to him not wanting to sleep with him anymore. “I tell him several times that I don’t want to,” she says. “After caresses, she would have tried “to shift”. A gesture that would have caused a “kind of switch in his eyes” (…) Léo Grasset would have “maintained it with his hands around his neck”, and would have “penetrated it with very strong blows” ”, writes Mediapart. “I was excessively scared, confides the young woman. I wanted to scream and there was no sound coming out of my mouth. Lisa says she has since felt “shame”, having regular “anxiety attacks” and a disrupted love and sex life.

Seven other testimonials

Mediapart also reports degrading remarks that the youtubeur would have made about Lisa, from 2016. The young woman, for her part, specifies that she did not file a complaint for fear of the consequences. “At the time, I think that if I file a complaint, my career will be ruined. At best, I will be seen as the girl who was raped. At worst, all the other popular videographers will gang up on me,” she explains.

The testimonies of the seven other women report accusations of psychological violence or even “toxic” behavior on the part of the youtubeur. Asked by Mediapart, Léo Grasset did not wish to respond. “We do not wish to respond to press requests, Mr. Grasset being available to the judicial authority in the event that it is seized of these allegations”, replied his lawyers by email.

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