Top 10 Worst Items Seen in Souvenir Shops, Money Well Wasted

Top 10 Worst Items Seen in Souvenir Shops, Money Well Wasted

Coming back from vacation is always a complicated time. We hit traffic jams on the road or the hassle of overcrowded trains, we have to pretend to be happy for the people who are going on vacation in turn and hear vexing phrases like “it’s funny, you don’t have too much tanned”. Fortunately, you can offer all rotten gifts to your friends and family but please, never buy souvenirs as hardcore as those of this top.

1. “The cemetery where my father is buried has a souvenir shop”: A mask “We have stayed 2 meters apart since 1869”

It’s both classy and really bad taste

2. A pope-shaped soap to wash away your sins

A nice souvenir in a Vatican shop, because faith is good, but capitalism is better.

3. A cute card “A girlfriend is like a sister you choose”

Cracker Barrel is an American chain of restaurants that also shops for souvenirs and people always find the worst goodies imaginable.

4. Canned air from Budapest

If I wanted to breathe canned air, I’m not sure I’d choose Budapest.

5. A cheese board with the places where the 9/11 planes crashed

The fact that the 9/11 Memorial in New York City has a gift shop always ready to smile. A slightly embarrassed smile. But the worst thing is that until recently you could find a board to serve cheese with a little heart drawn for each place where a plane crashed after being hijacked. Big atmosphere at the aperitif dinner.

6. A mini bottle filled with Niagara Falls water

If you are going to visit Niagara Falls, you will have the pleasure of being able to buy a mini bottle of water from the falls with coloring in it. Awesome, right?

7. A pretty wooden bottle opener in the shape of a huge penis

They are found in all countries of the world and you never manage to understand who can buy these atrocities.

8. A photo holder with a miniature figure of Hitler

In an Italian pizzeria located in Thailand, one can find miniature figures of famous people that serve as a photo holder with a small clamp. In the middle of actors and singers, a tourist found this figurine of Hitler and it is difficult to understand how it can exist.

9. The great classic, the shot glass with embossed breasts

10. The scary masks of members of the British royal family

In all the souvenir shops in the United Kingdom, you can find cardboard masks with the heads of members of the royal family. It’s ugly, it’s creepy and it’s a little too well done.


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