the extended morning, Matthieu Noël announced

the extended morning, Matthieu Noël announced

In full transition since Laurence Bloch will soon leave her place as director of the antenna to Adèle Van Reeth, France Inter continues to announce the novelties of its back-to-school schedule. Interesting, without being overwhelming.

After last week’s leaks, announcements about Inter’s next grid continue to be delivered in dribs and drabs, this time to AFP by news director Catherine Nayl. Morning side, first. A notable change: at the start of the school year, Nicolas Demorand will remain on the air for half an hour longer. Between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., Léa Salamé will leave her place in the studio to the current host of The Moment M, Sonia Devillers. She will offer thirty minutes based on an interview with a “great witness of the time”, a concept that remains to be clarified. Augustin Trapenard’s cultural interview (Boomerang), which is announced to be reworked, will therefore slide a little later on the grid.

There are also several changes in the ranks of editorial writers. We knew that Thomas Legrand had decided to stop his political editorial fourteen years after having started it – without giving up political commentary since he swapped the microphone for the pen by writing a political column in September Release, as the newspaper announces today. We now know his replacement, whose name has been confirmed to AFP: no sensational external recruitment since it is Yaël Goosz, head of the station’s political department. Real challenge to replace an editorial voice installed in the ears of listeners for so long, but they already know the didactic analyzes of Yaël Goosz, which he delivers in particular on Fridays at 8:50 am.

Apart from the president of the Anne-Cécile Mailfert Women’s Foundation, the opinion deliverers of 7h20 will give way to new signatures more or less politically marked, and who we hope are a little more experienced in the radio exercise: l Franco-Israeli writer Dov Alfon, who runs the daily Release ; journalist Hugo Clément; Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Express Anne Rosencher; and Guillaume Roquette, editorial director of Figaro Magazine and former director of that of Current values. Note that the latter had already written a column on Inter, in the 6/7 by Audrey Pulvar. According to his confidences at the time Freeze frames, he had ended up leaving the microphone, shaken by the aggressiveness of the emails of certain listeners judging him too right for Inter. Last confirmed novelty for the station’s morning devotees: ecology is back with a column provided every Friday at 8:45 am by journalists Célia Quilleret and Sandy Dauphin. The latter was regularly present in the installment this season; on the occasion of the special presidential mornings, it was she who questioned the candidates on the ecological issues of their programs.

On the humor front, as Inter management asked Charline Vanhoenacker to turn her daily morning column into a weekly post, The Parisian announces a quality replacement from Europe 1: host Matthieu Noël, who would also inherit the cultural space left free by Antoine de Caunes (Poppop), between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. France Inter, whose next grid is still taking shape under the leadership of a two-headed management (Adèle Van Reeth has not yet completely replaced Laurence Bloch), does not confirm anything to AFP or to Telerama. Matthieu Noël is in any case at ease in the perilous exercise which consists in mixing humor and information. At the beginning of 2019, in our pages, he called himself a “a little laughing information broker”. With him on the microphone, will the morning humor of Inter be as political as that of Charline Vanhoenacker? Have.

For the rest of the schedule, apart from a mysterious Sunday program devoted to sport, we announced last week Thomas Legrand’s weekly news devoted to political ideas, on Saturday at the end of the afternoon… Certainly on the box currently occupied by the historian and historical Jean Lebrun, who tells us to stop his appointment intelligence-service after two seasons. “I couldn’t take it anymore, I haven’t worked so hard for two years! I didn’t always know the subjects and I had to dig into them, and then there was a lot of editing. Given my advanced age, it is prudent to decelerate. I keep my column The heart of the story next year at the same time [du lundi au vendredi à 13h54] », he tells us with humor.

The rest of the transfer window in the next episode…

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