Nathalie Marquay yelled at by Jean-Pierre Pernaut before his death: "I didn't want to leave him"

Nathalie Marquay yelled at by Jean-Pierre Pernaut before his death: “I didn’t want to leave him”

Nathalie Marquay’s world collapsed on March 2, 2022. On that day, the man of her life died at the age of 71. Since then, she has been trying to move forward with their children Lou (19) and Tom (18). Asked by The Parisianshe looked back on her quick return to the theater for The Tontons pranksters. A piece that Jean-Pierre Pernaut had seen three times.

It was in the dressing rooms of the Alhambra theater (Paris Xe) that the journalist found Nathalie Marquay. Moved, she spoke of the kiss she had sent to the sky at the end of the performance. A tribute to Jean-Pierre Pernaut: “I do it before the show too, in the dressing room. I always talk to him. I say to him: ‘You’re with me there, huh? We’ll start, you can get on the side.’ And at the end, I kiss him. Like when he was in the room.

The scene, she found it three days after the funeral of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, which took place on March 9 at the Basilica of Sainte-Clotilde. It was in Nantes that she reappeared, not without emotion. A choice she once again made for the one she married in 2007.”He loved the theatre. He said it was magic: there is no camera, there is no net. I had canceled a few dates when he was in the hospital. Each time he yelled at me. He said to me: ‘It’s so creepy here, it bothers me that you stay near me.’ I didn’t want to leave him“, continued Miss France 1987 with the Parisian. She then recalled that it was for him that she played on the Saturday after the funeral. “It was violent but I know he would have been very proud. As long as I was in my role, it was fine. I was thinking of something else. But when it was over i collapsed on stage“, specified Nathalie Marquay.

The more time passes the worse it is

Today, it’s always complicated for the beautiful 55-year-old brunette. “The more time passes, the worse it isyou“, she remarked. The lack of this man “extraordinary, generous, considerate“is much too strong. Especially since we talk to her about Jean-Pierre Pernaut every day, when she meets people in the street in particular.

Although he is no longer physically present by his side, Nathalie Marquay knows it, Jean-Pierre Pernaut is still by his side. Regularly, he sends him signs. A detail to which she attaches importance because she has never hidden her link with spirituality. A subject that she mentions in particular in her book I believe it (released last August). “I’ve always had a lot of premonitory dreams. I had seen for lung cancer… But I always told him: ‘You will not die of cancer.’ I had a feeling. I told those closest to me – except him, that’s the only lie I told him – that he wouldn’t see his 72 years, that he wouldn’t die of cancer but of something in the heart or in the head. In January, there was no trace of the cancer. In the end, it’s the heart and the head: he had a fatal stroke. He died two months before his 72th birthday“, concluded the one who moved two weeks ago to a house near Anthony (Hauts-de-Seine) that she had chosen with Jean-Pierre Pernaut.

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