LIVE - Swimming Worlds: disappointment for Léon Marchand and the French relay

LIVE – Swimming Worlds: disappointment for Léon Marchand and the French relay

Marchand: “We still have a lot to learn”

Léon Marchand, at the microphone of France 4: “It’s different, there it’s a team sport. It’s a different emotion. But I’m happy to start in the 4×2, it was our first together. We there is still a lot to learn, we will see for the rest.”

Victory for the Americans, France 7th!

Led by its triple medalist in these Worlds, the French team of Léon Marchand, Jordan Pothain, Hadrien Salvan and Roman Fuchs had a hard time in this 200m freestyle final, finishing in 7th place. The Americans are crowned in 7’00”24, ahead of Australia (7’03”50) and the British (7’04”00)!

France 7th again

Roman Fuchs allows France to pick up a little, now 7th. The third relay swims in 1’46”27.

Marchand did what he could on the second stint

Expected to be faster, Léon Marchand closed the gap a bit on the second stint. But the French, in the wave, are a little loose: 8th, in 1’47”05. The United States is first.

It’s hard for the first French relay

Jordan Pothain finished his stint in 7th position (1’48”41), and the gap was already widening with the others. The Koreans, Brazilians and Americans are fighting ahead.

Here we are, it’s going to leave for the French!

The final will start soon, Jordan Pothain, Léon Marchand, Roman Fuchs and Hadrien Salvan advance in front of their lane number 1! Led by Kristóf Milák, the Hungarians set fire to their home.

The pass of 4 for the Marchand sensation?

Crowned world champion in the 200m medley on Wednesday and already a triple medalist at these Worlds, Léon Marchand, spared in the 4×200 freestyle series this morning, will take part in a new grand final!

The tricolor relay is composed, in this order, of Jordan Pothain, Léon Marchand therefore, Roman Fuchs and Hadrien Salvan. Enzo Tesic has given way to the tricolor prodigy.

Hénique joins Wattel in the 50m butterfly final!

It also goes for Mélanie Hénique in lane number 5 of the second half of this ladies’ 50m butterfly! The Frenchwoman qualified with the best time in her semi-final, in 25”41, which bodes well for the grand final scheduled for tomorrow.

The final smells good for Wattel!

It will do for Marie Wattel, 3rd in her race in 25”56! Very good time on this 50m butterfly, which should be in the final. Sarah Sjoestroem took first place in 25”13, ahead of American Torri Huske.

Two French women in the half of the ladies’ 50m butterfly!

Marie Wattel will start in lane number 6 on the first half, Mélanie Hénique will be on the second session. The Habs will try to qualify for the final!

Tomac 5th in the 200m backstroke men!

What a pity for Mewen Tomac, who started very strong and made her race, but finished 5th in the 200 backstroke in 1’56”35! American Ryan Murphy won in 1’54”52 (best world performance of the year) ahead of Briton Luke Greenbank and his compatriot Shaine Casas. “I was hoping to be on the podium but we still have to work. I’m happy, I’m doing my race”, he says on France 4.

The Habs had won their place in the final thanks to the fourth total time, the 2nd of their half.

It leads to a chance of a medal with Tomac!

It’s going to go to the men’s 200m backstroke final: the Frenchman Mewen Tomac, who qualified on Wednesday with a time of 1’57”27, will start from lane number 6! It was not passed for Yohann Ndoye Brouard.

Grousset 4th and Manaudou 7th in their half of the 50m freestyle!

It was hot for Maxime Grousset, 4th in 21”83! 8th in qualifying, he will experience a jump-off with the Brazilian Bruno Fratus. Disappointment for Florent Manaudou, 7th (21”95) and eliminated with the 11th overall time.

The day after his silver medal in the 100m freestyle, Grousset qualified this morning with the tenth fastest time (21”97). In 22”04, Manaudou had set the 13th time.

It’s going to leave for the French half of the 50m freestyle!

With two Frenchmen, this second semi-final session will begin. Concentrated, Florent Manaudou will start from lane number 1, Maxime Grousset is him lane number 7! The Briton Benjamin Proud had made a strong impression during the first half, in 21”42, but the times remain accessible for our Tricolores.

Next tricolor meeting in about ten minutes

We will carefully follow the men’s 50m nl semi-finals, with Florent Manaudou and Maxime Grousset at the start. It should leave around 6:42 p.m.

Terebo 5th in the women’s 200m backstroke semi-finals

Lane number 6, the French backstroker Emma Terebo finished 5th in the half of the 200m backstroke, in 2’11”77. It should be a bit short to reach the final. She had obtained a good 5th place on Monday in the 100m backstroke.

“I must have missed a few details of the race. I felt pretty good though. I still have experience to have on the 200m”, she confides on France 4.

New demonstration of the local Milák, in half of the 100m butterfly

Child of Budapest and local star, Kristóf Milák flew over the semi-finals of the men’s 100m butterfly in 50”14, his best time of the season. Two days after his gold medal and his world record in the 200m butterfly (1’50”34), he will be well on his way to the final.

The title in women’s 100m nl for Australian O’Callaghan, Wattel 7th

The first grand final of this 6th day will not have succeeded for the Frenchwoman who finished 7th in the difficulty, in 53”60. It was the Australian Mollie O’Callaghan who won the forceps in 52”67, ahead of the Swedish Sarah Sjoestroem and the American Torri Huske.

Marie Wattel will be in the pool again at 7:11 p.m. for the women’s 50m butterfly semi-finals with Mélanie Hénique.

The women’s 100m freestyle final is about to begin!

And a first chance of a French medal (there will be few this Thursday) with Marie Wattel, present in lane number 8!

We give you the program

The time is approaching for the start of the day’s semi-finals and finals, which begin around 6 p.m. Many French men and women will be in the pools, with of course the headlining sensation Léon Marchand, who will be in the final of the 4x200m freestyle relay at 7:37 p.m.

  • 6:02 p.m.: final 100m nl ladies / Marie Wattel
  • 6:10 p.m.: men’s 100m butterfly semi-finals
  • 6:21 p.m.: women’s 200m backstroke semi-finals
  • 6:42 p.m.: semi-finals 50m nl men / Florent Manaudou and Maxime Grousset
  • 6:52 p.m.: Ladies’ 200m breaststroke final
  • 7:01 p.m.: men’s 200m backstroke final / Mewen Tomac
  • 7:11 p.m.: semi-finals 50m butterfly ladies / Marie Wattel and Melanie Henique
  • 7:28 p.m.: men’s 200m breaststroke final
  • 7:37 p.m.: 4X200m relay final nl men / France

The alarm signal of an Olympic champion after the narrowly avoided drowning of the American swimmer

Alla Shishkina tries to understand what could have caused American swimmer Anita Alvarez to feel unwell. The double Olympic synchronized swimming champion believes that the 25-year-old American, who could return to a pool on Friday just 48 hours after fainting, must undergo thorough medical checks.

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Léon Marchand in the French relay for the 4×200 freestyle final

Triple medalist in Budapest Léon Marchand will swim the final of the 4X200m freestyle relay at 7:37 p.m. The Toulousain is aligned as the second torchbearer.

The relay had qualified without him this morning for the final. It is Enzo Tesic who gives way to the double world champion.

The composition of the relay:

  • Jordan Pothain
  • Leon Marchand
  • Roman Fuchs
  • Hadrian Salvan

The French 4x200m freestyle relay in the final!

Jordan Pothain, Hadrien Salvan, Roman Fuchs and Enzo Tesic took the 7th time in the series and qualified for the final in a relay that Léon Marchand could integrate.

It goes to the semi-finals for Manaudou, Wattel, Henique, Grousset and Terebo

Several French people ensured in the series this morning and qualified for the semi-finals:

  • Emma Terebo in 200m backstroke (8th)
  • Florent Manaudou in 50m freestyle (13th)
  • Maxime Grousset in 50m freestyle (10th)
  • Melanie Henique in 50m butterfly (3rd)
  • Marie Wattel in 50m butterfly (8th)

The crazy images of an American swimmer saved by her coach from drowning after fainting

American swimmer Anita Alvarez lost consciousness in the water on Wednesday in Budapest. Her coach jumped to rescue her, avoiding a tragedy by a bit.

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