Koh-Lanta: Alexandra makes a statement on a “spoiled comfort” which turned into a nightmare

As its name suggests, comfort is a moment highly coveted by the show’s adventurers. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. This is what happened to Alexandra who saw hers turn into a nightmare. The adventurer who was eliminated by the famous black ball also confided in this episode of “Koh-Lanta” during a recent interview.

Four finalists and a cursed little post

“Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem” is finally coming to an end. The final of the adventure did not succeed for Géraldine as she was able to make her way to the final by dominating the famous test of the posts. In the end, Bastien and François shared the €100,000 reward.

The Vannetaise Géraldine believed in it until the end. She got three votes and narrowly missed out on victory. It was unfortunate for the 47-year-old Breton woman since she largely dominated the three other castaways during the test of the posts. This year, the final had its share of surprises in store for us, since for the first time, four castaways faced each other in the post tests instead of three.

Against all odds, Bastien was able to participate in the last test after passing the orientation test. However, he was forced to face his companions with a certain handicap. Indeed, the latter had to balance on a smaller surface than these competitors. The cursed post has never lived up to its name so well.

The ordeal of the cursed post

The test of the cursed post is one of the main attractions of this edition of “Koh-Lanta”. The challenge is to stay as long as possible on a pole. At least, longer than its competitors. If in the last 30 editions, the final was played between three adventurers, this time there were four.

After an hour and thirty-four minutes, François was the first to let go. He was followed closely by Bastien. Géraldine and Jean-Claude were therefore the last to compete for victory. Against all expectations, it was the 47-year-old Vannetaise who emerged victorious.

The final victory was played between three people as announced by Denis Brogniart. Indeed, the one who won the cursed poles test designated François who saved Bastien, in turn. Which has, in fact, eliminated Jean-Charles. And this, despite the fact that it shone during the orientation tests by finishing it in 36 minutes. The worst part is that he really came close to winning the post test.

The last advice

Once is not custom, the finalists had to face the final council made up of eleven adventurers. The latter will vote to know which of the finalists will deserve to raise the coveted totem. During this vote, Bastien and François obtained four votes while Géraldine obtained only three. This season, there will therefore not be one winner, but two.

The rope access technician and the firefighter will thus share the 100,000 euros promised to the winner. In addition to the 50,000 euros they each earned, they will obviously receive a salary equivalent to the hourly minimum wage paid by ALP (the game’s producing company). As for Géraldine, she will console herself very quickly by realizing how much her career has made her children proud of her.

A reward that turns to drama

Just before the broadcast of the final of “Koh-Lanta” Alexandra, one of the adventurers who participated in this edition, shared his experience on social networks. She notably returned to the episode concerning the comfort she had obtained when she was with the yellows. For the latter, comfort had become a real nightmare because of discomfort.

“Madness! Except for my stomach! I ate something of each and got stomach cramps!! I couldn’t eat more…hell to have a ruined comfort. I will remember this moment on the boat folded in two when I still ask Olga for a piece of watermelon! Colin also had a hard time but he had a technique to bring the food down into his body”, revealed the adventurer of “Koh-Lanta”.

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