French sprinters on time in the heats at the Budapest Worlds

French sprinters on time in the heats at the Budapest Worlds

The sprinters woke up the Duna Arena this Thursday morning. Haloed by his silver medal in the 100m NL the day before, Maxime Grousset managed the sequence well with the series of the 50m NL by signing the 10th fastest time (21”97). ” It was good. Kinda hard to find my swimming this (Thursday) morning but in the end, I am less than 22” (21”97) and I go to the semi-finals, so it’s coolrejoices the New Caledonian. It took me a while to fall asleep but after that I slept well. I tried to focus on the 50 because the competition is far from over for me. »

In the same series as his younger brother, Florent Manaudou experienced a little more difficulty upon waking up. The Olympic champion set the 13th time in 22”04: ” It’s like a morning… I’m not too awake, the goal was to go to the semis and it will be hot tonight (half at 6:42 p.m.), it’s gonna be tight. I relax a little at 35 meters and maybe I shouldn’t have because then I can’t accelerate. But we’ll see what happens tonight. It was a bit long, I really wanted to see what happens, but it’s great to be able to share emotions with the other swimmers of the French team.. »

Henique feared disqualification

On 50 m butterfly, the Marseillaises were also side by side. Mélanie Henique successfully entered the competition with the 3rd fastest time (25”61) and a qualification for the semi-finals (19h11). Time was starting to get long for the co-captain of the France team: ” It’s good but I didn’t want to put too much, she specified. I wanted to do exactly what was needed. I knew it was going to pass because I repeat that several times in training. There are many things that can be much better. I think of the start and the casting. I thought I was doing an early start, something happened and suddenly I thought about it the whole race, I said to myself “damn I hope I’m not disqualified, it would still be stupid (laugh)“.

Marchand expected for the 4x200m relay final

For Marie Wattel, the sequence becomes complicated but she also came to learn. The vice-world champion in the 100m butterfly hangs on and won her place in the semis with the 8th time (26”01). ” I try to see race by race but it’s true that it’s a bit complicated, she commented. We are on the 6th day of competition, it is not the same form as at the beginning. I’m going to try to hold on tonight to get a final out of 50 pap and I think the day after, I’ll have a little more freshness. I have to get this spot. On 100 crawl (final at 6:02 p.m.), I will try to grab one or two places. I went for a medal and so much the better for me, but the main objective is to learn and gain experience on the sequence of races, the switch between the pap and the crawl, the 50 and the 100 m . »

In good shape, Emma Terebo also went to seek her place in the semi-finals (at 6:52 p.m.) with the 8th time in the 200m backstroke series. The French 4×200 m relay composed of Jordan Pothain, Hadrien Salvan, Roman Fuchs and Enzo Tesic won its ticket for the final (7:37 p.m.) with the 7th time (7’09”95). Tonight, Léon Marchand should come to strengthen the France team. On the other hand, it did not happen for Clément Secchi in the 100m butterfly.


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