who will win the final?  Here are our predictions and assumptions

who will win the final? Here are our predictions and assumptions

They are still four – a first in the history of the game – this Tuesday, June 21 to claim the title of big winner of Koh-Lanta, the cursed Totem. Francis (Green then Red clan), Geraldine (Blue then Red), bastien (Purple then Yellow) and Jean Charles (Purple then Red). At the end of a double orientation test, it is indeed Amber who was eliminated. But for Bastien, the task promises to be complicated since, arriving dead last in the orientation, his post will be… cursed! And the rope access technician will therefore be at a great disadvantage. It remains to be seen whether his sense of balance will be sufficient to bring him before the final jury… So who will be the finalist duo and who will win during the counting? Here are the predictions of the editorial staff of Tele-Leisure.

Eleven adventurers will be members of the final jury of Koh-Lanta

It should be noted from the outset that we have not seen this final episode. So these are just assumptions. First of all, here is the composition of the final jury, with the color of the twelve adventurers : Hake (Blue then Yellow), Paulina (Green then Red), Yannick (Purple then Yellow), Anne Sophie (Purple then Yellow), Maxim (Blue then Red), Louana (Green then Red), Fouzi (Blue then Red), Nicholas (Green then Yellow), Olga (Blue then Yellow), Amber (Green then Violet then Red). It will be necessary to add the two adventurers eliminated at the end of the posts.

Two favorites for this final of Koh Lanta

– Hypothesis 1. If François wins the posts… : we assume that the firefighter will not choose Bastien to accompany him. The adventurer is far too deserving and has a good chance of winning in the vote. His choice should then be Géraldine, his ally from the first days, before emerging as a winner during the counting thanks to his many victories in the events. Results : Francois wins Koh Lanta !

– Hypothesis 2. If Bastien wins the posts… : here again, the rope access technician will certainly not risk picking up François, the other most successful finalist of this season. His choice should then stop on Géraldine or Jean-Charles, his sidekick from the first days. And we do not see then what could deprive him of a victory. Results : Bastien wins Koh Lanta ! But let’s be honest, his ‘Cursed post’ risks greatly complicating things for him…

… but the outsiders have every chance!

Hypothesis 3. If Jean-Charles wins the posts… : the adventurer would sign a second great revenge. But then who will be his choice? He could quite save Géraldine, a choice of heart and reason. The result of the vote is then difficult to determine in this hypothesis… Close to Bastien, whose values ​​he has shared since the start of the game, he could also choose to take him to the final. Unless he bets on François, with whom he has shared many days of adventure with the reds. But clearly, it is against these two men that he would have the best chance of losing. Results : the games are on!

– Hypothesis 4. If Géraldine wins the posts… : if the doyenne of the adventure ventures to fish out François, she is sure to lose in the vote. We cannot imagine saving Bastien, the Yellow candidate whom she already saw herself eliminated at the gates of orientation. His most logical choice would be to fish out Jean-Charles. But there again, difficult to guess the choice of the final jury. Results : the games are on!

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