Diam's raconte sa rencontre avec Dieu et l'Islam

We finally know more about the husband of the singer Diam’s, and he is really more than magnificent!

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As much to say it right away, with more and more rumors, each crazier than the other, we can clearly see that more and more people are constantly speaking up and this may have been the case again for Diam’s who recently got people talking in a whole new way.

Indeed, it was clearly years since the singer had not directly expressed herself in public, and we can understand her.

It must be said that the pressure could then be quite crazy and rather strong on his shoulders, as we have seen in particular in the past in his declarations and in his songs.

More and more crazy revelations around Diam’s…

On the other hand, nowadays, it seems very clearly that the singer has moved on to a completely different career, and we may never hear the sound of her voice on a record again.

However, it turns out that the singer continues to attract covetousness, and for good reason, it turns out that she has just released a brand new documentary that will be talked about.

With an interview recently where she was able to speak and throw everything about her past, we suspect that this is likely to make even more noise than we could have imagined.

As you will see, it turns out that it’s not just his documentary that continues to make more and more noise, to say the least. Indeed, it turns out that if we still talk about the famous singer, it is also for something else entirely: her husband!

Diam’s husband is very impressive, he’s creating a buzz!

Might as well say it right away, if you’ve never had the opportunity to see Diam’s husband, then you’re really going to be completely in shock!

So to speak, few people could even have imagined for a single second that we were going to be able to discover it for the very first time in a long time on social networks.

As you can imagine, it turns out that the latter is also very discreet, and for good reason, we see that he is also very involved in religion, as is the case for the former singer Diam’s. He was also able to clearly make all the difference recently by distributing a breathtaking book where he was able to look back on all his old life. While the latter could precisely embark on a brilliant career in the world of music, it can be said very clearly that he was able to radically change direction. Thus, it turns out that Faouzi Tarkhani can however congratulate himself on having a rather advantageous physique…

A “magnificent” man in every way!

Since all this time, not a single day has gone by without testimonials, each crazier than the other, being quite complimentary with regard to Diam’s husband, in the person of Faouzi Tarkhani. As much to say it right away, with the latter, you will never be at the end of your surprises, that’s the least we can say!

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