Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1213 of Wednesday June 22, 2022 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1213 of Wednesday June 22, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… Raphaëlle has a secret and Charlie has an idea for the straw hut. As for Bart, he is at the bottom of the hole.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday June 22 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Chloe is in custody. Martin questions him after having discovered the images of the cameras posed by Stanislas at Raphaëlle’s. She gives her version of the facts: she went to get a knife in the kitchen when Beaumont attacked Camille. The principal thought that at the sight of the weapon, he would decide to leave. According to her, his plan worked and he left unharmed. However, the commander thinks that she is hiding something from him and that she is Camille and Raphaëlle’s accomplice. He criticizes her for not mentioning the knife during her first deposition and imagines that she may have also been lying about Beaumont’s medical condition. Chloe continues to proclaim her innocence and claims not to have stabbed Leo’s father. However, she will not say more without the presence of a lawyer.

At the same time with the Roussels, Damien takes care of Audrey’s children. He wakes Leo up and brings him breakfast in bed. The young man shares his fear of being separated from his family. Indeed, he has done research on the internet and thinks that he could be placed in foster care. The policeman reassures him: it won’t happen. He explains to her that he is also afraid, but they must be brave for Audrey, especially since Damien will not let him and his brothers and sisters down. Suddenly, he receives a call from Nordine. While he has no right to speak to her about the investigation, his colleague informs him that a new suspect is currently in custody.

At the police station, Roxane retraced the route of Audrey’s car with video surveillance. They have confirmation that the mother of the family never met Stanislas on the evening of his assassination. She will soon be released. Alex arrives and cuts off their conversation. He does not understand why his wife finds herself in police custody. The commander tells her that there is evidence that very seriously incriminates Chloé. He asks Alex to find a lawyer as soon as possible, but at this stage of the investigation, he cannot tell him more.

Martin doubts Chloe’s reliability. He visits Raphaëlle Perraud at her office to question her. He confronts the lawyer by showing her the camera image in which Chloe is holding a kitchen knife that could be the murder weapon. However, Raphaëlle sticks to her positions. She tells the commander that she did not see her friend in possession of a knife, then remembers going for a moment to retrieve a first aid kit from her bathroom. Martin is disturbed, it is the first time that she mentions this element. The lawyer defends herself, he interviewed her when her daughter had just been admitted to the hospital, which explains her confusion. Finally, she thinks she hasn’t even seen Stanislas leave his home. Raphaëlle cannot confirm having seen him leave unscathed.

Meanwhile, Alex has hired Soraya to defend Chloe. Marianne is at home to lend him a hand. Her mother-in-law is certain that everything will be fine soon, but her son-in-law does not share her opinion. He doubts his wife’s involvement in Stanislas’ death. He finds it strange that she never wanted to explain to him what happened that night. Marianne is very disappointed by his insinuations. They are interrupted by Nordine and Damien who have a search warrant. If the murder weapon is still not found, Martin’s son found blood residue on Chloe’s shoe.

Damien sent the shoe to the lab, the results should be in tomorrow. He shows Martin his latest discovery: he has managed to identify the model of the knife Chloe is holding in the pictures. According to him, there is no doubt that it is the murder weapon. However, if they can’t find it, that doesn’t constitute proof.

A little later, Audrey finally finds her children. To celebrate his return, Damien offers to surprise Leo by picking him up after his failure class. He offers to invite them to the restaurant, which they happily accept.

For her part, Chloé is still in custody. She remembers what happened the night of the tragedy. When Camille arrived, Raphaëlle asked her to leave. Stanislas advised her to obey her mother, but she firmly refused. The young woman in turn asked him to leave and at that point everything degenerated. Chloe hears Camille’s cries again. Then, she remembers going to get a knife in the kitchen and asking Stanislas to let go of the young woman.

Raphaëlle is on the phone. She informs her interlocutor that Chloé will soon be indicted. If the lawyer wants to do everything so that her friend gets out of it, for the moment, she won’t say anything.


Charlie organized a casting call to hire two new beach attendants. The student takes her job as co-director very seriously and has a plan to make the hut work: hire men with dreamlike physique. She also unearthed the candidates on an online modeling site. Christelle comes to help Charlie for his greatest pleasure.

The interviews follow one another in the restaurant. After making a first selection, Charlie and Christelle ask Sylvain for his opinion. However, he refuses to judge the candidates on their physique, because that does not necessarily make them good elements. He even doubts their ability to open a deckchair. Charlie points out that his thoughts are judgmental about them and that he’s implying that good-looking people aren’t necessarily smart. As for Christelle, she is disappointed with her husband’s behavior.

A little later, Sylvain finally befriended a candidate who explained to him the difficulty of the castings. He decided to make hot dogs for them. However, Charlie doesn’t think it’s a good idea to feed them fat. She reminds him that she has to test them with clients. François surprises his girlfriend at the restaurant and is very amused by the situation.

Charlie does not let go of the new beach attendants. When François asks her if she also plans to hire pretty girls, Charlie laughs: she’s the pretty girl in the restaurant. Then, the student notices that the sun is beating down and asks her colleagues to put on sunscreen. She ends up applying it to their backs. François wonders if she isn’t overdoing it, but according to her, if they peel off, it would be a disaster. She doesn’t have time to replace them or do castings every day. Her boyfriend points out to her that they are human beings and not umbrellas to be changed.

Nathan finds Charlie after his ordeal. He learned that she was looking for new employees and wants to apply. But Charlie points out to her that she can’t hire last summer’s pickpocket at the restaurant.


In the Spoon’s storeroom, Bart knocks Louise’s condolences booklet off a shelf. He begins to re-read all the messages and delves into his memories. He launches a voice message that his wife left him on his answering machine shortly before his death. When he hears Louise say “I love you”, Bart sinks.

Later, Roxane expresses her concern to Anna. For several days, Bart no longer responds to their messages. For his part, his mother also has trouble reaching him. He only replies with short messages so as not to worry her. If he has been very brave so far, she and Sara think he may have finally cracked. Anna points out to him that grieving takes time, especially in such special circumstances. Her mother had decided to give her space to get over her grief, but she understands that it was not a good idea.

Anna visits Bart at the Spoon to invite him to hang out with her tonight. His son declines since he has to take care of the accounts. Her mother explains to her that Roxane went to see her. Her friends are worried about not having heard from her anymore and she thinks he looks a bit off. Bart confides to him that he is very tired since he has to take care of the room and the bar following Audrey’s absence. She tells him he can always count on her and ends up asking him to text a little more often.

It’s Judith’s turn to visit Bart. The young woman continues the preparations for the inauguration of the Mas and asks her cousin to choose the wine. She also asks him if he can lend her some stemware, but Bart refuses because he doesn’t think he’s coming. Judith is disappointed, the inauguration means a lot to her. But her cousin points out to her that she did not attend Louise’s funeral when she could have come from England. Judith is terribly angry, she assures him that she would have liked to be there for him. When she asks if she can help him, Bart curtly sends her away.

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