La chanteuse Diam's balance tout, elle sort du silence pour dévoiler son futur projet !

The singer Diam’s throws everything away, she comes out of silence to reveal her future project!

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Definitely, we can really say that not a single day goes by without us being able to hear about new information around the singer Diam’s. Indeed, as you can see, it turns out that the latter has just unveiled her new documentary project which was able to make a lot of noise just a few weeks ago. With years that she was able to spend in a very great media silence, we can clearly say loud and clear that the singer was nevertheless able to have an audience that has not forgotten her at all.

Singer Diam’s finally breaks the silence in her documentary…

And while some might have thought that she was no longer going to speak at all, it is clear that they could very well be wrong! Thus, it turns out that it will be able to concern more and more French people who might want to turn to more and more requests and projects around the singer Diam’s, as we have already seen in the past.

So to speak, it turns out that some may very clearly want to turn to more and more solutions to achieve their ends, no offense to all those who might think that the singer Diam’s was going to stop talking about her as it should.

My mum who worked at a record company handled things well for me

And yet, we can see that the singer was able to decide not to stop there, quite the contrary. While one would have thought that the very last project she was able to release, with in particular this great documentary, was going to be the end point of her media career, we realize that this is not at all the case. , quite the contrary! Indeed, it turns out that the singer seems to be back, in a project that you will clearly be able to appreciate…

A new project that will make you hallucinate…

We knew that the singer could have had a certain attraction for religion, but on the other hand, few people could have imagined for a single second that she was going to be able to go as far as that. Indeed, it seems that the singer could have made a very big decision, no offense to all those who can criticize her in a rather crazy and dirty way.

Thus, it turns out that if the singer was able to completely stop her artistic career in the world of music, she nevertheless decided to embark on a new book project: we can say that writing has therefore not always not left, it’s the least we can say…

I would very much like to release a book around Salam

A new project that fans are eagerly awaiting!

As you can imagine, it turns out that fans were quickly delighted with this news that the singer was able to announce on social networks. on the other hand, we suspect that this project could see the light of day in a few months or issue a few years to come: all that remains is to take all the time to embark on this task which is clearly not easy, It is the least we can say…

With unpublished texts, beautiful photos etc… Above all, a beautiful book. To be continued

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