the music festival animates the streets near you

the music festival animates the streets near you

It was launched just 40 years ago, in 1982. It took a few years to establish itself, then it became one of the most popular festive and artistic moments in France: the music festival, the June 21 each year.

Small and big musicians, amateurs and professionals, all meet in the streets, in restaurants, cafes, everything that can constitute an open stage is busy, and it is the celebration of all musical styles.

In images and videos, here are the atmospheres in the main towns of Saône-et-Loire.

The streets of the center of Autun are pedestrianized this evening. Photo LeJSL/Nicolas Manzano


In Autun, the bad weather gave way to a small clearing. Place du Champ de Mars is gradually filling up.

Some streets were closed for the occasion.

This year, the town hall did not organize anything so the bars took over, sometimes dividing the group of musicians between two terraces.

A street singer is also there.


The risk of a storm has been definitively ruled out, the arrival of a clearing launches the festivities (remaining since the concerts organized by the city have been cancelled) many people have come to the foot of Saint Vincent cathedral to enjoy a performance of Chalon samba school.

At 10 p.m., rue du Pont in Chalon is animated by a DJ set, the public has returned and is dancing in a cloud of smoke.

“Message in the bottle” by The Police sung in chorus by the Chalonnais on the Place du Châtelet.


The rue des arcades is entirely pedestrianized for this music festival. The groups follow one another along the 157 arcades.

At the performance hall of La Grenette, in Louhans, Maïté Merlin (poetic rock) performs, before giving way to 3 Monts (French song).

The concerts were to take place on the municipal stage but due to bad weather, it was deemed necessary to change the location.

Scheduled for 8 p.m., the concert didn’t really start until 8:30 p.m.


The storm at the end of the day has given way to a clearing, but the atmosphere remains fairly calm, especially since the highlights on the Esplanade Lamartine have been cancelled.
So we fall back, for example, on the herb square.


In Montceau, the inhabitants take advantage of the streets freed from cars and the clear sky to settle in terraces and start the evening on good notes

Many people in the streets of Montceau to listen to the jazz of the big band, the dance songs without forgetting some turntables tamed by the DJs.


After a storm as intense as it is brief, the music festival resumes its rights.

At Le Kerosene bar, the group Perpétuel blues machine accompanies the aperitif before Diesel dust takes over until 1:30 am.

Photo LeJSL/Florent Muller

Photo LeJSL/Florent Muller

While the rain is slowly picking up again, music lovers are resisting Retro, with the group Katy May and Franck Bardet and the mussels and fries prepared by Cyrille.

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