The Christophe Galtier method (close to PSG) deciphered by Alain Perrin: "He has a firm hand in a velvet glove"

The Christophe Galtier method (close to PSG) deciphered by Alain Perrin: “He has a firm hand in a velvet glove”

Alain Perrin, are you surprised to see PSG negotiating to recruit Christophe Galtier?

Alain Perrin. : “No. We can see that it’s a team with Luis Campos. Given their affinities, I’m not surprised that he wants to work with Christophe again. Afterwards, that the Qataris accede to the request for Luis Campos, it was not necessarily won because it is not their way of working. Previously, they bet on foreign coaches. But in the end, it makes sense given what Christophe has done in his previous clubs. Nationally, he is one of the best French coaches.”

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If he signs, Christophe Galtier will have a locker room of stars at PSG including Neymar, Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi. Can he succeed in this challenge?

PA : “The relational sense is Christophe’s strong point. He is a coach who has a firm hand in a velvet glove. He has his character, his ideas and his principles. In Lyon (note: Christophe Galtier was the assistant Alain Perrin during the 2007-08 season), he has already been confronted with this. At the time, OL were the best French team. He had no difficulty in establishing very good contact with players with strong character like Juninho, Cris, Grégory Coupet, Sidney Govou or Karim Benzema. It was a very high level locker room. He already has a “background” and he will rely on it. He is respected for his skills and his style.”

Christophe is not someone who likes to push through. He poses his ideas through a dialogue

At your side in Lyon, he managed to coach very great players. But in Paris, he will have to impose himself with planetary stars…

PA : “You know, the field of communication concerns two people. There is the message that you convey and the will of the other to accept it. Christophe will have to deal with star players. He knows all that He relies a lot on the notion of the group. He likes to create a climate of trust. Afterwards, if a player refuses to join the project, it’s complicated for any coach. If the players have good will, they will find in Christophe an interlocutor who is able to listen and compose. He is not someone who likes to force his way. He puts his ideas through dialogue.”

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Would he be able to put Neymar on the bench at the start of a match if he does not give satisfaction?

PA : “The question for a coach is to know what the alternatives are. Journalists are a lot of all or nothing, saying: ‘you have to take the player out, etc.’. But you also have to deal with the personality players over time. First of all, you have to have alternatives that are effective and know the consequences of the actions you take. If you lose the player and he is no longer confident even when you remember, it can’t be good. You have to assess the risks of the decisions you make in the medium and long term. This can also have repercussions in the group or on the alliances in the locker room. All the decisions are weighed, not through the punctual, but through the consequences that this entails on the future. Christophe will not have epidermal reactions. With him, things will be weighed, calculated, thought out.”

Christophe Galtier (in the center), the former assistant of Alain Perrin (on the left) in Lyon during the 2007-08 season.

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In what areas has he progressed since his debut as number one coach at Saint-Etienne in December 2009?

PA : “In his communication, he has made good progress. He also gained confidence in his values ​​and his ideas. Afterwards, all this potential was already in him. It’s a job where you learn on the job. Number one and number two, it’s not the same thing. You learn through daily experiences that you have with the players. Experience makes you progress. Afterwards, he’s the only one to say in what sensitivities he has evolved.

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